A Bit Of Oblivion

a vacation in Mexico
just at the right time,
60 degrees of difference
from here to there

this sun warms shoulders
instead of the deep cold
that would freeze
my brow, fingers, and toes

a warm, welcoming paradise
I suppose, but the devil
hangs at the buffet tables
amidst the stacks of food

heavens, even my will power
has taken an immoral break
the word "No" means nothing here
I'm tempted everywhere I turn

plates overflow, then replenish
no limits to the number of trips,
I'm free to eat all I want
and I still see more

pretty squares, coconut puffs,
pecan tarts, assorted fruits
creme broulet, black forest cake,
and the many flavoured ice creams

but soon the week is up
and I must fly home to 30 below.
on arrival, I'm glad I wear
this new coat of layered fat.