A Life Force?

If there is a life force
that inhabits and energizes all
living things, do flowering plants
feel their aging as their petals
fade, turn brown, drop to the ground,
becoming worm food and nothing more?
Do their egos fail as decline
brings lowered yields of flowering buds,
as wondorous colours subside,
and the ability to excite the air
dissipates into withering scent?
Does the once flowered plant
experience an intense loneliness
as it grows invisible, draws fewer
and fewer bees to its side?
In despair, does it take note as
a once personal beauty is
replaced by the every day colour
of branches that no longer bear fruit?

Do adult birds weep in anticipation
as their offspring fledge, practice flight
and ultimately leave the nest?
In the wilderness, to what extent
does each parent think that life’s purpose
is over as the den empties of life
leaving a litter of bones and dung?
Do accumulated territories matter
once one is no longer able to
walk their full breadth, or to defend them?

Silently blessed by the presence
of the universe, by an electricity
that fires cells, moves body fluid,
gives purpose to each action, silently,
attached, to each of us, a life cycle,
a story that becomes our own.
Do we each feel the slow ebbing
of that spirit as we are drawn
to a too premature closing,
to the mingling of our remains
in the dirt and ashes of  time?