Goals & Progress

I set annual goals and review my progress toward these goals initially after one month and then on a quarterly basis. From my years in business, I learned that a person is more likely to accomplish what they wish if they set specific goals with deadlines. If a person's wants are managed as fantasies, unexpressed on paper or undeclared to others. they have a greater likelihood of remaining unfulfilled wishes.

At a time that was not propitious for what we wanted, MegAnne and I set a specific goal to move from Edmonton to Victoria by June 30th, 2001. She posted that goal on the fridge door. On June 29th of that year, we sat in our new living room celebrating completion of that move.

I also do this exercise of posting my intentions and my movement forward in order to show my family and friends how and what I am doing. Some send out an update letter at Christmas. I post this on my website. Generally reclusive by nature, this is a form of reaching out to my frineds to say "I am alive", that "they are important to me", and that I want them to know how I am doing, as I want to know about them. I also solicit their prodding and cajoling if it appears that I am not moving forward toward my goals.

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