Q3 Progress Report For 2018 Goals

This third quarter was one in which I totally ignored the goals I set at the beginning of the year, and as a result I made absolutely no progress toward any of the yearís goals. And Iím okay with that.

Writing and Publication

  • I did manage to write at two haibun in the month of August, and they have now been posted to my website, albeit late.


  • I took a few photographs in the quarter and they have been posted to this site, plus I joined a camera club that holds monthly photo competitions and I have posted a set of images that I might choose to enter in the competions through the year.
  • I acquired a new more capable computer and then loaded some new software such as the NIK suite to complement the Adobe series that I have traditionally used.


  • My social calendar was not all that busy in the quarter but our RV excursions had us engaging members of Dianneís family in various venues.
  • Iíve spent my usual weekly time with Quynn and a few weekends in the quarter.
  • Daryl visited the lake a couple times in the quarter.
  • Tyler and Megan, Aryn, Dennis and Daryl came oput in September and helped us to take the dock out of the lake.
  • We had a thanksgiving dinner at our place with Dianneís nieces and their families, plus my daughter and granddaughter sharing the meal with us.


  • We spent the September Labour Day weekend in our RV at the Honkey with Dale and Linda and Gary and Julie.
  • We participated once again in the Dotto family RV weekend at Kananaskis. Daryl stayed with us in our RV.
  • I drove on my own to Vancouver Island to meet a colleague about his upcoming business seminar series, and to attend the celebration of life of a family member.

Physical Well-Being

During this quarter, there was too little focus on my physical goals and too much eating. Consequently, I finished the quarter around 210 lbs.

I failed to make any progress toward my goals because I was otherwise focused on some travel, recreating here at the lake, and just in general eating more than I should. Iím mostly okay with that exchange, but know I need to get back into my routines if I hope to achieve my goals by year's end. Iím now struggling to re-capture the gains I had achieved earlier in the year.

this plump pumpkin
a sad face