Q2 Progress Report For 2018 Goals

Itís the end of June. Unlike the first quarter of this year where I built a predictable routine of two hours of exercise first thing in the morning, breakfast, then about four hours of writing periodically interrupted by an exercise routine involving either a walkabout through my house for just under 2km or a 20 minute session lifing light weights, or both, this quarter has been marked by a total lack of routine. Iíve been outside more with gardening chores, getting a place prepared for a new hot tub, and taking an RV trip, so my routine suffered.

Writing and Publication

  • I worked on the first 78 pages of a first draft of the fictional novel titled ď19 VIP Transition HouseĒ. Iíve reached another awkward point not knowing where this book is going, or how to capture the voices of the various characters.
  • I wrote three haibun in this quarter, and one of those was actually co-written with Ray, Nancy and Katherine through the exchange of e-mails.


  • I attended one of the meetings of the Images Camera Club meetings and the annual meeting of the Crossroads Camaera Club and found each of them inspired me to do some work with my camera.
  • I completed several in-the-house photo-shoots experimenting with my macro lens, and took over thousand photos over the 15 days of an RV trip in June
  • These photo images have been posted to this site within a month of their being taken.
  • Iím still waiting for Apple to launch new MacBook Pro products including one with a six core processor capable of supporting 16 GB of memory. Once that is released to the market, I will buy one and upgrade my photo editing software.


  • Iíve maintained e-mail contact with Ray, Nancy, Kathy and Garfield.
  • Iíve had face-to-face contact with Katherine, Ray, Daryl, Julie, Gary, Linda,Mike, Barb, and Dennis.
  • Iíve spent some good time with Quynn both in the city and at the lake. With Aryn, David, Kelly and Cooper we did go skating on the Victoria Park oval. I did go to the John Jansen Nature Centre with Quynn on one of her school field trips, and I went swimming a couple of times with Dianne, Evie, Gweneth and Quynn at the St. Albert Servus recreational Center swimming pool.
  • Daryl visited the lake for a weekend once this quarter.


  • In June, I traveled by RV with Dianne, Gary and Julie to see Mount Rushmore, the Battle Of Little Big Horn National Monument, Yellowstone National Park and Virginia City along with the nearby ghost town museum of Nevada City. I earned a lot about each of these places, saw some terrain I had not seen before, and enjoyed the trip.
  • We visited the Honky near Radway once again on an RV boondocking weekend with the Chichakís and Riopelds.

Physical Well-Being

For a variety of reasons, most predominantly being my screw up with Apple Cloud and losing my tracking file, at the beginning of this quarter, I stopped recording daily weight, calories burned, exercise activity and food consumption.

  • I did shed excess pounds going from 220.6 lbs at the beginning of the year to 198.6 lbs in May. I then commenced to eat excessively for six weeks in celebration and Iíve finished this quarter at 206.4 lbs.

I felt detached from most of my annual goals through this quarter, knowing I wasnít doing what I said I would do, knowing I was experiencing disappointing consequences relative to my goals, but satisfied with what I was doing instead.

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