Q1 Progress Report For 2018 Goals

After thirteen and a quarter years of doing this annual goal setting and quarterly reporting, this year is a bit different. Like usual, I got started with a bang and a great deal of consistency, then I got sick two weeks in and dropped everything just to devote my energy to getting healthy again. Following that recovery, I started slowly but with commitment to return to the routines that moved me forward toward accomplishment of my goals. I finally ramped up to full implementation of my new routines for about a month, then disrupted everything once again by taking a driving vacation to Osoyoos BC to get out of our winter gloom and into some warmer weather. Although I tried to stick to the routines, I just don’t do well when traveling. The difference this year – that lower level of accomplishment feels okay to me because I really enjoyed the vacation.

Writing and Publication

  • I completed the last of my books based on the concept of S.P.I.C.E3 –“Insight Counseling: A Practical Approach” and posted published versions in paperback form via CreateSpace and to digital form for Kindle.
  • I wrote nine haibun in this first quarter.


I further revived my interest in photography and photo-editing, conducting two photoshoots while traveling and editing the images for posting on my website. I enjoyed the work of both taking then revising the images, feeling like I was caputring some of the creative spirit I had been missing.

  • In January, I served as a judge for the monthly competition of the Crossroads Camera Club, judging color and black&white entries.
  • I completed four photo-shoots during the quarter, trying to use my better lenses when I did.
  • I edited and posted the resulting images to my website well within a month of their being taken.
  • I struggled along with my existing MacBook Pro, having the Apple store personnel help me with a re-install of an older version of the operating system, after my computer hung up when running the latest version. My computer has insufficient memory to run the photo-editing applications I want to use. However, I’m waiting for Apple to release a fully loaded six core upgrade of the MacBook Pro before I buy a new one. What I have allows me to use Adobe Lightroom and Microsoft Word, so is sufficient for now.


  • This quarter Dianne and I had Daryl, Quynn, Gweneth and Evie out to our place for several weekends, and Daryl joined us on our travels to Osoyoos.
  • I got to spend time with Quynn, attending a couple of movies with her and once going to West Edmonton Mall with Quynn, Gweneth, Evie and Dianne.
  • My only contact with Ray in this quarter was via e-mail, but I did get to spend time with Kathy on several Thursdays when I was in town.
  • I did have time with Kathy, visiting over lunch and sometimes getting in a walk whenever I was in the city.
  • We got together with Aryn, Quynn, David, Kelly and Cooper when they were here during the Red Bull Crashed Ice event this quarter. Kelly was here to serve as host during the CBC TV coverage of the event.
  • We visited David, Kelly and Cooper at their place to celebrate David’s birthday on our way back from Osoyoos.
  • We connected with Julie and Gary for a dinner at Nello’s in St. Albert in early January.


  • We somewhat spontaneously decided to take a road trip via our truck to Osoyoos to get to some warm weather, and invited Dianne’s brother, Daryl to join us. The trip took nine days, traveling through Fernie, to Osoyoos where we spent five nights at the beautiful Watermark Beach Resort. We spent several afternoons driving to wineries to do wine tastings, and several afternoons sitting in the adjoining Boston Pizza Sports bar to watch afternoon Oiler’s hockey games, playing crib, eating wings and having a drink. We had a great Italian meal at Campo Marina, and a very poor Mexican meal across the border in Oroville. Dianne and I managed to get in a couple of walks and did do our morning exercises on about three of the days. On the way back, we stopped for a night at Fairmount Hot Springs to enjoy the hot pool and to watch another Oiler’s game on a 150 inch projection screen in their bar. I had to drive from Osoyoos to Penticton twice to see why the truck’s engine warning light had come on and received very little help from Skaha Ford. They charged me for a diagnostic they didn’t complete, only giving me an indication that the fault was not one that prevented driving of the vehicle, so we drove it home and I had the work done at Waterloo, my dealer in Edmonton. They did the job right and fixed the problem.
  • While in Osoyoos, we visited the Desert Model Railroad. I took pictures and thoroughly enjoyed the exhibit. I heartily recommend stopping in to see it if you find yourself in the area.

Physical Well-Being

I continued the quarter with a focus on calories burned versus calories eaten, using morning exercises of stretches and lifting of light weights followed by a walkabout plus an afternoon light weight exercises and walkabout routine to burn calories. I monitored what I ate with MyFitnessPal which counts calories consumed.

Daily Goals

Although these goals were intended to be for only six days of each week, I did not build a routine of regularly taking a day off. I did wind up taking some days off when I had to go to the city but I recorded my actual behavior for each. The results were tracked in an Excel spreadsheet and averages are the result of tabulating based on all days in the month.

  • I managed to achieve an average of 786 active calories burned per day as measured by my Apple iWatch.
  • I habitually recorded the food I ate using MyFitness Pal and consumed an average of 2266 calories per day. I endeavoured to be as accurate as I could in tracking what I ate.
  • I supposedly burned an average of 2993 calories per day (based on active + resting calories) and supposedly averaged 2266 calories consumed per day.
  • I only managed to meditate on 32 days of this quarter. I need to be more disciplined about doing this each day.

Annual Goals

  • At the end of this quarter, my morning naked weight was 204.6 lbs.


  • I did not do any work on my collection of images or my website in this quarter, and I find I am re-thinking my intention to do this. It will be a very difficult task given that the re-setting of my computer back to factory settings with the re-installation of an older operating system wiped out my Lightroom catalog and I lost the editing work I had done. To accomplish this goal, I would have to select those images I would treat as special images and then re-edit them.

Although a two-week illness and the road trip intervened and meant there were chunks of days that I did not work toward the goals I set, I did quite well in the quarter and feel much better for what I did accomplish. I like how my body is doing. I exercised my mind with my writing and photography, and the resulting work pleases me.

Easter weekend
guests lined up along
the row of dining tables