First Month Progression Toward 2018 Goals

I’m one month into 2018 and I have managed to reshape my days and my focus so that I am making fair progress toward my 2018 goals. I did not make New Years resolutions that I immediately abandoned. I stuck with the plan even though this month was disrupted by two weeks of illness with the infamous 2018 Alberta cold/flu. My energy was totally taken from me. I spent the first few days exclusively in bed and when I was able to get out of bed, moving very slowly and napping in the living room. I shifted to an early to bed, late to rise schedule and as of the end of the month, I haven’t been able to adjust back to my old time of rising in the morning.

Writing and Publication

  • I worked on revision of “Insight Counseling: A Problem-Solving Approach” and I think I have just completed the second last revision. I need to re-read it quickly to make sure I didn’t create any errors.
  • I’m still avoiding work on a first draft of the fictional novel titled “19 VIP Transition House” and haven’t reviewed what I wrote earlier. That begins as soon as I finish the counseling book and this avoidance has me going slower on that work than I would like.
  • I haven’t yet done any work on the first illustrated book for children entitled “OUEEW BROCCOLI!”.
  • I did write the first drafts of four haibun in this month and hope to post them on my website when I post this update on progress toward my goals.


I managed to somewhat revive my interest in photography and photo-editing through two activities this month.

  • I served as a judge for the monthly competition in January of the Crossroads Camera Club, judging color and black&white entries.
  • I completed one photo-shoot using my 100mm macro lens, primarily shooting fruit and household objects. I completed the photo editing as of the end of the month and the images posted on my website.
  • I haven’t yet purchased a new computer and as my current MacBook Pro is running so slow, I have elected not to install any new editing software.


  • This has been a relatively reclusive month because of my illness. I did get out in the middle of that illness to attend the wedding of Shawn and Kim but the drive into the city, plus the hour in the church, and the fact that I was likely still quite contagious kept me from connecting with people. As I felt quite exhausted, I left for home immediately after and did not attend the reception.
  • I got to spend time with Quynn, attending a couple of movies with her and once going to West Edmonton Mall with Quynn, Gweneth, Evie and Dianne. We had the three girls out to the lake one weekend in January.
  • I spent some time with Kathy in January including a coupe of walks around the University farm. Ray returned to Ontario at the end of December so we haven’t connected in person – only by e-mail.
  • Daryl visited us at the lake for one wekend once in January.
  • We connected with Julie and Gary for a dinner at Nello’s in St. Albert in early January.


  • I did not travel anywhere in the month of January but we have talked about a possible flight-based trip in March to Nashvile, renting a car and going to Chattanooga and Memphis; plus a trip by RV in late May to see Mount Rushmore and surrounding points of interest.

Physical Well-Being

I managed to change my focus from steps walked this year to a focus on consuming less calories per day than I burn. The illness certainly helped me to achieve this as I was eating only twice a day, although I did have substantial dinners.

Daily Goals

  • I managed to achieve an average of 747 active calories burned per day in the month of January as measured by my Apple iWatch.
  • I recorded all of the food I ate in the month using MyFitness Pal and consumed an average of 2107 calories per day.
  • I supposedly burned an average of 840 calories more per day (based on active + resting calories) than I consumed but I did consume an average of 68 calories more per day than the calories I was allowed to eat per day by My Fitnesss Pal. This means I still need to work on reducing consumption to really facilitate losing 1.5 lbs per week.
  • I meditated 22 minutes on 14 days of this month.

Annual Goals

  • I shed weight going from 220.6 lbs to 208 lbs by the end of January, as measured each morning by my digital scale while naked, wearing only my watch and glasses.


  • I haven’t done any work on my collection of images or my website in this month.

I’m pleased with how this month has gone. Although the illness was a set back, I am now back to my daily routine of workouts and feel pretty good after I do them. I’m almost done with my last S.P.I.C.E3 book and thinking about what’s next.

fresh falling snow
blankets the trees
warm biceps