2018 Goals

As a result of work I did in the previous few years, I’m starting from a relatively good lifestyle with better habits for physical activity and writing built in so my focus changes this year. I also want to approach these goals with less motivation coming from will power, which just adds stress when I miss a daily activity or a longer term goal, and with more of compassion for my self and others, gratitude for what I have and what I do accomplish, and a looking to the future where I achieve other larger goals of health, vitality, time spent with my children and grandchildren, and with long time friends.

Writing and Publication

  • I intend to complete the last of my books based on the concept of S.P.I.C.E3 –“Insight Counseling: A Practical Approach”. This will be the end of a focus on the “how to” books and free me up to return to a focus on writing fiction.
  • I will complete a first draft of the fictional novel titled “19 VIP Transition House” that I started several years ago. At this moment, I have great reservations about my ability to write this book the way it should be written. My lack of skill at writing various voices will be a burden to overcome if this book is to be completed and published. I will set out to get through this challenge in this year.
  • I want to complete a first illustrated book for children entitled “OUEEW BROCCOLI!”, doing the illustrations myself if it comes to that, then to write more books based on the characters of Quynn and Cooper.
  • I will write at least two haibun per month for a yearly total of at least 24 haibun, and post them to my website. If I can do this, I might re-visit another Intimate Moments book in this year.


I want to revive my interest in photography and photo-editing. I need to get into the discipline of using the better quality lenses that I do own and not just using the wide range telephotos that have lower quality glass, as I have been doing the past couple of years. This might involve attending some of the Images Camera Club meetings during the year.

  • I will complete at least twenty days of photo-shoots during the year, covering a wide variety of subjects. I would like at least five of these photo-shoots to be specifically targeted – such as one involving macro shots using my 100mm lens and extension tubes, one of wide angle shooting only using my wide angle lens, another of HDR landscape photos, one of children at play, one at a sports activity, and possibly portrait photography.
  • I will edit and post images within a month of their being taken.
  • I will install new software for photo-editing including new filters for Photoshop such as the NIK suite from Google and some specialized software to do better HDR merges.
  • At some time during this year, I will acquire a new and faster Mac with more memory and storage.


  • I intend to have contact at least once this year with Carol and Dennis, Bard and Tanis, Chris and Kay, Donna and Jeff, Lois, Nancy and Ray, David and Lorraine, John and Jane, Bob and Bobbie, Brenda, Cythera, Caitlin, and Ron, Garfield, Rick Roskin, and Ken and Tashi.
  • I wish to continue to spend as much time with Quynn as I can both in the city and at the lake, and to do some events we haven’t done before – including see a fully constructed un-melted Ice Palace, attend a session at the observatory, and go skating on the Victoria Park oval, as well as repeat some we have done such as visit Telus World of Science, visit Fort Edmonton Park, attend a newly opened Alberta Museum, go to the John Jansen Nature Centre, and get her into swimming lessons that teach strokes.
  • I wish to continue weekly engagements with Kathy and Ray when they are in town.
  • I want to have another weekend event out at our place with Gary and Julie, Dale and Linda, and Bard and Tanis.
  • I want Daryl to visit the lake at least four times in the year.
  • I want Aryn, Quynn, David, Kelly and Cooper to come out to the lake at least once this summer.
  • I want to visit David, Kelly and Cooper at least three times at their place this year.
  • I want to have the Dotto extended family out to our place for the Canada Day, August Civic Holiday and Thanksgiving weekends.
  • I want to connect with Lois somewhere and sometime during our travels.


  • I’d like to spend another week either in Jasper or in southern Alberta around the Whale Back with Kathy and Ray doing our usual biking, hiking and photography.
  • I intend to travel by RV with Dianne, Gary and Julie in the late spring to see Mount Rushmore and other historical sites along the way.
  • Dianne and I would like to actually do an extended trip to eastern Canada, traveling through parts of Quebec and then getting at least as far as Halifax, seeing lots of new places. We’ll do this either by RV, driving a car and staying in bed and breakfasts, or flying out and renting a car.
  • If the dollar value allows, Dianne and I would also like to visit Nashville for a few days with Donna and Jeff.
  • There is talk about the usual folks attending the East Coast Kitchen event at the David Thompson Resort this summer and if the group is going, I will go just for the camping weekend but not for the music.
  • I want to either participate once again in the family RV weekend at Kananaskis or to go with some of the family members to a new location such as Slave Lake, Crimson Lake Provincial Park, Lundbreck, or Okanagon Lake. I would prefer not to return to Kananaskis but I have little vote in this matter.
  • I intend, if invited, to visit the Honky near Radway once again for a boondocking weekend with the Chichak’s, Tomas’ and their friends.
  • During this year, I would like to make plans for another visit to the Riveira Nayerit area in the winter months, probably in January or February of 2019, but for 10 days and at a better resort than Riu Vallarta.

Physical Well-Being

I’m changing my focus from steps walked this year and from specific physical activities (believing that I have now established them into my daily lifestyle) and focus more on managing calories consumed versus calories burned. I will track this for three months using a spreadsheet, then just work at practicing healthier eating habits there after.

Daily Goals (for six days of each week)

  • I will achieve at least 800 active calories burned per day as measured by my Apple iWatch.
  • I will record all food ingested using MyFitness Pal which calculates calories consumed.
  • I will burn at least 350 calories more per day than I consume.
  • I will meditate 30 minutes at least 20 days in each month and 240 days in the year.

Annual Goals

  • I will shed excess pounds going from 220.6 lbs today to 210 lbs by year end.


  • I would like to go through all of the saved images from my 13 years of photography and discard the weakest and only keep the strongest images, organizing them into categories that make sense.
  • I would like to re-do my website from scratch offering only the best images from that period of time, and only posting the better images as I go forward.

These goals are quite different from what I have focused on before, and based on my usual behavior, will be a significant reach to achieve. I want to rely less on willpower to make this happen and more on emotions of gratitude, compassion toward myself and others, and a valuing of a future involving more healthy years spent with my partner, children, grandchildren and friends. I’m sure that the hardest goal to achieve will involve significant changes to my eating behavior. I’m relying on my friend Ray to be the model of good fitness, showing the way to achieve a better me.

a newly watered ice rink
reflects the bright sun
the slash of skate blades