Quarter 3 Progress Toward 2017 Goal

I learned some things about myself this quarter. I diligently moved through the first six months of the year, working at both doing and recording my daily activities and experienced significant change in my lifestyle. It was mostly a continuation of what I had started last year but I had upped the expectations for this year and was doing more physical work and more extensive tracking of that work. As summer hit, I found there were many more disruptions of my routine and I was not doing the same physical work and not doing much to record what I was doing. On many days, instead of spending time doing morning exercises, walkabouts, and longer walks, I was doing physical labor making and filling a large garden box, doing yard work, biking, and hiking when away on some travels. My normal tendency would have been to fret throughout the quarter about not recording the data and about those days where the disruption to my routine meant no exercizes. However, I found myself feeling more confidence in the fact that I was less sedentary, and more active. This reduced the tension for me and I’m generally pleased with the quarter.

Writing and Publication

  • I completed most of the revisions for “Insight Solutions (Creative Problem Solving)” and finished the quarter just three days shy of taking it through the self-publishing process to produce both a paperback and a Kindle version for sale through Amazon. I posted the book for them to review on October 3rd and expect to place my first proof order to make sure the graphics and cover are working properly.
  • I did some first draft work on a book titled “Insight Peer Counseling.” This still needs a lot of writing to complete the first draft but I now have a structure in mind for the book and a fair amount written.
  • I cleaned up the Insight Publishers section on my website, updating the information and links to Amazon for the published books.
  • I wrote two haibun during this quarter.


  • I completed four photo-shoots during the quarter, three of them during a trip to Rosebud, Alberta and Cypress Hills, Alberta.
  • I edited and posted these images within a month of their being taken.
  • I installed Topaz Impressions software for photo-editing and a sample of software for doing HDR post processing but I have hardly used them.
  • I’ve done some preliminary research trying to find a USB hub that can plug into the Lightning/USB-C ports on a new and faster MacBook Pro with more video and operational memory plus 1TB solid state storage but I think I will wait for the new release of that computer. The Canadian dollar relative to the US dollar is improving in value and I’m hoping that will help with this purchase.


  • I briefly had contact with Carol and Dennis in this quarter as they came out to help us remove the docks and boat from the lake in preparation for winter, but this was not nearly enough. Tyler, Neil and Aryn also came out and helped that weekend. David, Dianne’s brother, and his wife Lorraine visited twice this quarter, once to celebrate the 93rd birthday for David’s and Dianne’s mother, and once to see her on her deathbed and to celebrate her life during her funeral after she died. We had three large family gatherings for Dianne’s family during this quarter, two of which were spent at the lake and one of which was during the week following Reg’s death. I spent a bit of time with Kathy, Ray and Nancy during this quarter but nothing near enough time as they all had busy travel schedules.
  • I got to spend time with Quynn both in the city and at the lake, and did some additional events including a visit to Fort Edmonton Park with her school’s field trip, a trip to the Edmonton zoo with Dianne, Quynn, Gweneth and Evie, and we also completed a couple of road trips. We went with Quynn and Gweneth to Drumheller to visit the Tyrell Museum, to Crimson Lake for a weekend camping trip with Dianne’s son Tyler and his family and Dianne’s niece Krista and her family, to join Dianne’s extended family in Kananaskis for a camping trip, and to Calgary with just Quynn and I to meet Kelly and Cooper at the Calgary zoo and then on to their house in Canmore to spend a night with them. (Note: The Calgary zoo knocks the socks of the Edmonton zoo. We spent four and a half hours there and saw 2/3rds of it. We spent two hours at the Edmonton zoo and saw all of it with much disappointment because of the constructionand the diminished quality of the construction that was done last year. Edmonton should not have a zoo if this is the best they can do.)
  • Daryl was able to visit the lake several times during this quarter.
  • Aryn, Quynn, David, Kelly and Cooper came out to the lake this summer at least once.
  • We’ve arranged to have the Dotto extended family out to our place for the Thanksgiving weekend in this next quarter.
  • Lois managed to come out this summer and we have made arrangments to visit her in December.


  • Daryl and I, driving the motorhome, attended the Flashback Weekend at the David Thompson Resort in mid June and had a great time. I forgot to include this in the report for the previous quarter.
  • As previously mentioned we took the RV on trips to Crimson Lake and Kananaskis this summer.

Physical Well-Being
As mentioned, I had been relatively compulsive about meeting my daily goals in the first six months of the year, feeling quite disappointed when I missed a day or period of days without doing my morning exercises, daily in-house walkabouts, light weight exercises, and longer walk. This quarter I found I was able to let that disappointment go and appreciate how physically active I have become. This allowed me to ride my bike, which doesn’t generate any steps on my step counter, instead of only walking. This allowed me to respect the physical labour I was expending on gardening and yard work.

Annual Goals

  • I weighted 209.4lbs on my new digital scale which showed my old scale was underweight by 8 lbs. This improved on my starting weight of 221 lbs (maybe would have been 229 lbs on this new scale).
  • I have already walked and ridden more than 2000 miles (3,200 km) during this year.

So I’ve had a good quarter. I feel younger than I did when I started the year, more fit, more active, less sedentary. (Note: I’m standing up and moving around for a few minutes now that I have just written that comment.) I did some things I hadn’t planned on doing and didn’t do some things I did, but I like where I am at this stage in the year.

the warmth of the sun
a forest of
orange, yellow, green