Quarter 2 Progress Toward 2017 Goal

This quarter was not a routine quarter for me. April started out fine, then we travelled the last part of April to mid May. We then travelled in late May for a week to Vancouver Island for the Oyster Festival and a visit to Weiss Island. May was a time with lots of driving. June was a month full of yard work including the building of another larger garden box. Consequently, May and June were months with lots of time outdoors.

Writing and Publication

  • During April, I worked fairly extensively on the Insight Solutions book and somewhat on the Insight Peer Counseling book. By the end of April, I managed to complete a full second revision and get the Insight Solutions book to Kathy for her to read and edit. However, I was unable to spend time on my writing to any extent during May and June.
  • In getting the haibun that I had written in the first quarter ready to post to my website, I did revise 4 haibun to post.
  • I did write a couple of new haibun in June.


  • I took pictures during our travels in April and May, over eight photo-shoots. I edited some of those images and posted them to my website.


  • We had Quynn, Gweneth and even Evie out to the lake a few weekends in the quarter.
  • Daryl and Reg also came out to visit us at the lake a couple of times.
  • I managed to connect with Kathy almost weekly when we werenít travelling.
  • Dennis, Daryl and Tyler came out for a visit and to help me put in the docks and boat in May. Their combined assistance made a significant contribution as the chore turned out to be harder than I expected.


  • Dianne and I travelled in our aging RV to Utah to visit Canyonlands National Park, Valley of Fire State Park, Zion National Park and Yellowstone National Park. We met Ray and Nancy in Canyonlands and hiked for four days. We then drove to Cedar Mesa to see the Anazassi dwellings there, then shot down to Gallup, New Mexico and over to Las Vegas. From Las Vegas, we did a day trip to Valley of Fire where we hiked in extreme heat. We then drove to Leeds where we camped so we could do day trips to Zion National Park. We hiked and did photography for two days there. We then travelled to Yellowstone to take pictures of the geyser basins in the park.
  • In later May, we drove to Vancouver Island in the truck, travelling with MJ and her sister Susan to Cortez Island to volunteer at the Oyster Festival, then drove to spend a couple of days at Sue and Martyís cabin on Weiss Island. We then drove hard for home making it in one day.

Physical Well-Being
I wasnít very successful in pursuing my daily and annual physical goals in this quarter. I did fine during the routine days of April but then very poorly once that routine was disrupted by travel.

Daily Goals (for six days of each week)

  • I did average 11,505 steps per day during the quarter but my average distance per day dropped to 8.30 km. My stair climbing dropped substantially to an average of 11 floors per day, so my walking was mostly over flat terrain.
  • I averaged 57 minutes of activity per day, which means I was more sedentary than I was in the previous quarter.
  • I was pretty successful in April at establishing a daily routine of doing morning stretching exercises, lifting of light weights, and in-house walkabouts but lost that routine in May and June.
  • I was substantially less successful controlling portion sizes during my meals and only avoided eating after dinner 24 of the 91 days in the quarter.

Annual Goals

  • I finished the quarter weighing 206 lbs. My goal for the year is to reach 200 lbs.
  • I walked 755 km in the quarter, averaging only 8.30 km per day. My goal is 3,200 km during the year.

Despite the chaotic nature of my spring days and my inability to sustain a routine of working on the goals I set for 2017, I feel good about the quarter. This may be because I spent more time outside in the sun collecting vitamin D, but it is also because I felt good about what I was doing instead. I experienced my usual disappointment about my lack of control when it comes to my eating behavior, but overall I donít think I did much harm.

American Goldfinch
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the Cooper's arrived
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