Quarter 1 Progress Toward 2017 Goal

This first quarter of 2017 started out with much enthusiasm and in general I did very well. I’m pleased with how my year has progressed so far and the discipline that I exercised.

Writing and Publication

  • I completed what I now consider to be final revisions of “Insight Sales (Corporate and Retail)”, “Insight Sales (Corporate)”, “Insight Sales (Retail)”, and “Quick Guide To Insight Sales” and published them to CreateSpace in book form and as digital e-books in Amazon Kindle format. They are all for sale at Amazon.


  • I got out on several photo-shoots in February with Kathy and shot enough to post images to my website under the category “Winter Events”.
  • I did edit and post these images within a month of their being taken.
  • I installed Topaz Impressions so that I can do artistic edits of my images using Impression filters within Photoshop.


  • I did get to spend as substantial time with Quynn, both in the city and at the lake.
  • I managed some time with Kathy during lunch meetings but had no opportunity to get together with Ray as he was mostly in Ontario during this period.
  • Daryl and Reg visited us at the lake a couple of times in this quarter.
  • Lois visited us in February so that she could spend some time with Linda Aris.


  • We planned our May travels through Utah to Canyonlands, Valley of Fire, Zion and Yellowstone.
  • I am signed up for and intend to go to the Flashback Weekend at the David Thompson Resort in mid June with Daryl as Dianne will be in the Yukon with Jennifer Berezan.

Physical Well-Being
This was the most significant area of progress in this new year. I did a really good job of sticking to my routine, thereby accomplishing both my daily goals and making progress toward my yearly goals.

Daily Goals (for six days of each week)

  • I averaged 98.27 minutes per day in physical activities by being active at least 20 minutes during 89% of the days in the quarter.
  • I averaged 13,381 steps per day as measured by my Fitbit device and met my daily step goal of at least 10,000 steps in 77% of the days in the quarter.
  • I achieved an average of 10.13 Red Dots per day by completing at least 250 steps each red dot hour and met my daily minimum of 8 red dots per day 87% of the days in the quarter.
  • I averaged 33.22 floors climbed per day by meeting my daily floor goals of at least 20 floors per day in 69% of the days in the quarter.
  • I did morning exercise 68% of the days in the quarter, morning walkabouts 69% of the days, afternoon walkabouts 70% of the days, but evening walkabouts only 43% of the days. A walkabout involved 14-16 minutes of approximately 1,800 steps and seven floors climbed by walking around my house – covering an average of 1.38 km and elevating my heart rate to an average over 108 beats per minute.  Most days of the quarter, I also completed a 50-minute walk.
  • I meditated an average of 12.53 minutes by meditating for 30 minutes 42% of the days in the quarter.
  • I controlled portion sizes for breakfast 94% of the days in the quarter, 93% of the lunch times in the quarter, and 73% of my dinner meals in the quarter. However, I was only able to stop eating after dinner in 54% of the days in the quarter.
  • I added weight routines so that I did four repetitions of four different sets of weight lifting exercises with 5lb weights  with each walkabout.

Annual Goals

  • I finished the quarter weighing 204 lbs. My goal for the year is to reach 200 lbs.
  • I walked 910.74 km in the quarter, averaging 10.12 km per day. My goal is 3,200 km during the year.

It has been a productive quarter and I am pleased with how well I stuck to a routine that involved much less sedentary time and much more active time. The activities elevated my heart rate and led to burning of more calories. I finished my wok on the sales books which now frees me up to work on my problem solving and peer counseling manuscripts. In the next quarter, our travels will accomplish more of our travel goals and will afford me more opportunities for photography.

a harsh spring
sitting on a soft couch
in front of a warm fire