Month 1 Progress Toward 2017 Goals

Each year, the first month involves an intense focus working toward achievement of the goals I have set for the year and building in any new behaviors as habits. This first month of 2017 was even more intense than previous years because of the increased targets for physical and wellbeing activities. 

Writing and Publication

  • I completed the latest revisions of “Insight Sales (Corporate and Retail)” and “Insight Sales (Corporate)” to bring them in line with the last revision of “Insight Sales (Retail)” but this led to further revision of all three books, with the specific goal of removing more repetition. I was able to cut 40 pages from "Corporate and Retail Sales" book, 20 pages from the "Corporate Sales" book, and another five pages from the "Retail Sales book.”


  • I installed Topaz Impressions.


  • Gary and Julie came out for New Years eve and day. We managed to stay up until 11:00 after having a good dinner of steak and lobster.
  • We had a weekend with Quynn, Gweneth, Evangeline, Reg and Daryl during which we celebrated Dianne and Daryl’s Friday the 13th birthday (their 63rd). Linc the dog was also with us during this weekend.
  • I stayed at Aryn’s for a couple of days to look after Quynn while she was away.
  • Quynn and Gweneth came out for the last weekend of January.
  • I managed weekly engagements with Kathy during this January.


  • We did not manage any travel in January, but made plans to go to Las Vegas in February for five nights.

Physical Well-Being

    The first month was a good month for progress in terms of the daily activities I set out to achieve which should accumulatively help me to achieve my annual goals.

    Daily Goals

  • The goal is to average 75 minutes per day in physical activities such as walking, biking, skiing, and a stretching routine, and I managed to achieve an average of 100 minutes per day. I exceeded the average 23 days in the month.
  • The goal is to achieve an average of 10,000 steps per day and I achieved an average of 13,781. I exceeded 10,000 steps per day on 26 days of the month.
  • The goal is to achieve an average of at least 8 Red Dots per day ( a red dot is achieved each hour I complete at least 250) and I achieved an average of 10.65 per day. I achieved at least 8 red dots 29 days in the month which means I have become less sedentary.
  • The goal is to register at least 20 floors climbed per day and I averaged 39.1 while achieving at least 20 floors during 24 days of the month.
  • I managed one morning walkabout 25 days of the month, one afternoon walkabout during 23 days of the month, and one evening walkabout in 20 days of the month. A walkabout involves 7 rounds of the upstairs and downstairs of my house, 7 floors and 1500-1700 steps in total with 200 of them being done on the Bosu Ball. A walkabout takes on average 14 minutes and involves some cardio elevation.
  • I was less successful with my meditation only averaging 15.03 minutes per day while meditating for 30 minutes only 16 days of the month. My goal was to do this for at least 20 days.
  • I managed to meet my meal portion size goals for breakfast during 30 days, my lunch for 30 days, and my dinner for 21 days.
  • I managed to not eat after supper during 22 days of the month, which is a substantial accomplishment. However, I did have 9 days involving incidents of breaking my food rules.

    Annual Goals

  • During January I did manage to drop to 211 lbs from 221 lbs.
  • During my walkabouts and longer daily walks I covered 194.4 miles (324.01 kilometres) during the month which is 9.7% of my annual goal.


I think I have had a great first month of 2017 in pursuit of my daily and annual goals for 2017.

fresh snow
a blanket
and a warm fire