2017 Goals

Last year, I managed to set into action some definite habits that worked for me and led to better health, increased personal satisfaction and actual accomplishment. I lived these new habits for the first three quarters of the year, but abandoned them in the last quarter as various events conspired to disrupt my routines. I want to re-enter this year directed toward similar goals and the outcomes. I hope to work on my daily and annual goals throughout 2017 and to achieve better outcomes. 

Writing and Publication

  • I intend to begin and complete the latest revisions of “Insight Sales (Corporate and Retail)” and “Insight Sales (Corporate)” to bring them in line with the last revision of “Insight Sales (Retail).”
  • I intend to put the latest revisions of my sales books on to Amazon in the Kindle format.
  • I intend to complete revision of “Insight Solutions (Creative Problem Solving)” and take it through the self-publishing process to produce both a paperback and a Kindle version for sale through Amazon.
  • I intend to write, revise and self-publish a book titled “Insight Peer Counseling.”
  • I want to publish other digital e-book formats of the completed books and offer them for sale through outlets like Apple iBooks and Smashwords.
  • I will complete a first draft of the fictional novel titled “19 VIP Transition House” that I started several years ago.
  • Working with Kelly and David, I want to complete our first illustrated book for children entitled “OUEEW BROCCOLI!”
  • I will add any new completed books to my Insight Publishers website.


  • I will complete at least twenty days of photo-shoots during the year, covering a wide variety of subjects. I would like at least five of these photo-shoots to be specifically targeted – such as one involving macro shots using my 100mm lens and extension tubes, one of wide angle shooting only, another of HDR landscape photos, one of children at play, one at a sports activity, and possibly another involving portrait photography.
  • I will edit and post images within a month of their being taken.
  • I will install new software for photo-editing including new filters for Photoshop such as Topaz Impressions and the NIK suite from Google, and some specialized software to do better HDR merges.
  • At some time during this year, I will acquire a new and faster Mac with more memory and storage.


  • I intend to have contact at least once this year with Carol and Dennis, Donna and Jeff, Lois, Nancy and Ray, David and Lorraine, Ken and Tashi in their places of residence, and would like to have any of them that are willing, out to visit us at the lake.
  • I want to spend as much time with Quynn as I can both in the city and at the lake, and to do some events we haven’t done before – including visit Fort Edmonton Park, see a fully constructed un-melted Ice Palace, attend a session at the observatory, and go skating on the Victoria Park oval, as well as repeat some we have done such as visit Telus World of Science, go to the John Jansen Nature Centre, visit the zoos in Edmonton and Calgary, and get her into swimming lessons that teach strokes.
  • I wish to continue weekly engagements with Kathy and Ray when they are in town.
  • I want Daryl to visit the lake at least four times in the year.
  • I want Aryn, Quynn, David, Kelly and Cooper to come out to the lake at least once this summer.
  • I want to visit David, Kelly and Cooper at least three times at their place this year.
  • I want to have the Dotto extended family out to our place for the Thanksgiving and Canada Day weekends.
  • I want to connect with Lois somewhere and sometime during our travels.


  • I intend to spend another week in Jasper with Kathy and Ray in biking, hiking and photography.
  • I intend to travel with Dianne in the spring through Utah to show her Canyonlands, Natural Bridges, Bryce Canyon, Escalante, Kodachrome Flats, and maybe even Zion.
  • I intend to actually do an RV trip to eastern Canada. I would like to get as far as Halifax in Canada and see lots of new places. If the dollar value allows, I would also like to head down through the eastern seaboard to Washington and New York City, then head to Nashville and Memphis to see some of the music venues. Such travel could include going to Austen and Galveston in Texas.
  • I am signed up for and intend to go to the Flashback Weekend at the David Thompson Resort in mid June.
  • I intend to either participate once again in the family RV weekend at Kananaskis or to go with some of the family members to a new location such as Crimson Lake Provincial Park or Lundbreck.
  • I intend, if invited, to visit the Honky near Radway once again for a boondocking weekend with the Chichak’s, Tomas’ and their friends.
  • I would like to keep an open mind for air travel to Italy, either making plans to do so in 2018, or sneaking something in during 2017.

Physical Well-Being

    As the first three quarters of 2016 was so good for my physical well-being, I once again set certain physical activity and eating goals and intend to make a better effort to sustain the behavior that will allow me to meet them for the whole year.

    Daily Goals

  • I will average 75 minutes per day in physical activities such as walking, biking, skiing, and a stretching routine, and will chart these in a spreadsheet.
  • As part of such time oriented activity goals, I will specifically work to accomplish ten thousand steps in each day as measured by a Fitbit device.
  • I want to achieve an average of at least 8 Red Dots per day in my Fitbit account for completing at least 250 steps an hour (to be less sedentary and to interrupt high intensity sessions at my computer).
  • I will register at least 20 floors climbed per day.
  • During those days when I do not go into the city, I want to do at least one morning walkabout, one afternoon walkabout, and one evening walkabout in each of which I do at least 4 rounds of the upstairs and downstairs of my house, at least 10 floors and 400 steps on the Bosu Ball within 10 minute periods that overlap the change of an hour.
  • I will meditate at least 20 minutes at least 20 days in each month and 240 days in the year.
  • During each day, I will finish eating when I finish dinner, which can include a dessert.
  • I will consume only portion sizes that fit within the inner circle of our plates.
  • I will have no more than one incident of breaking my food rules per week.
  • Annual Goals

  • I will shed excess pounds going from 218 lbs today to 200 lbs by year end.
  • I will walk, ride or ski 2000 miles (3,200 km) during the year.


These goals are quite specific and a reach beyond what I accomplished last year. I suspect that the hardest to achieve will once again be the stopping of my binge behavior in the evenings but I think this is one of the most important goals to achieve. I believe that 2017 could be a fun year.

the buzz
of skidoos on the lake
a warm winter day