Fourth Quarter Quarter Progress Toward 2016 Goals

Writing and Publication

  • I completed revisions of all three Insight Sales books (Retail, Corporate, and Corporate and Retail) and got the paperback versions posted to CreateSpace and available for sale on However, I have done nothing to market these books and very few have been sold.
  • I condensed Insight Sales (Corporate and Retail) into a student’s notes version titled A Quick Guide To Insight Sales.
  • I completed a third major revision of Insight Sales (Retail) and I am much happier with the result. It was posted to CreateSpace for sale on in December. This is now what I want to accomplish with the other two books
  • I completed a third revision of “Insight Solutions (Creative Problem Solving)” but I am not finished and have not yet posted it to CreateSpace and it is not yet available for sale.
  • I did not manage to write, revise and self-publish a book titled “Insight Peer Counseling.”
  • I did not manage to publish other digital e-book formats of the completed books and offer them for sale through outlets like Apple iBooks and Smashwords.
  • I only briefly revisited the fictional novel titled “19 VIP Transition House” by re-working the first page and submitting it to a writing critique group in Georgetown, Ontario. I received a positive reaction to the first page and enthusiastic encouragement to continue with that book. I also was urged to find the proper voices for each of the characters and that will be a very significant challenge for me.
  • I added the newly completed Quick Guide To Insight Sales to my Insight Publishers website.
  • This quarter was a significant challenge for me as I had very little time available to sit and write. I put in very little time at my keyboard and was stymied in two significant ways – I spent a lot of time visiting my sick mother in the city then dealing with her estate issues after she died on November 30th. My progress on the Problem Solving book was suspended when I decided to further revise the sales books.


My photography was confined to the few road trips and travel adventures I was able to complete this year. In turn, I fell seriously behind in the editing of those images and they didn’t get to my website all that quickly.

  • I only managed to get out for real photo-shoots during a dozen days of this year, shooting in the Moab area for four days in the spring, at the Seattle Aquarium for portion of a day, for a couple of days in Boston and another couple of days in New York during a fall trip, and for about four days in Ontario on that same trip.
  • I did edit and post images on my website but seldom within even three months of their having been shot.
  • I attempted to obtain Topaz Impressions to add artistic qualities to my images but ran into some hardware issues and never finished. I sought help and got good advice but was unable to remain at my computer long enough to follow the instructions I was given.


  • The most significant aspect of relationships this quarter involved the illness, hospitalization, and then death of my mother. In mid-October, she went into the hospital because of a shortage of breath. They found that the tumor in her right lung had grown and the weight of the mass was pulling on her lung and making it hard for her to breath. In mid-November, she was moved to the Edmonton General Hospice where she received terrific support from hospice staff and volunteers, and was visited regularly by her family members. She passed away on November 30, 2016. I have been involved during the month of November looking after her estate issues along with my sister.
  • In sitting with my mother during this quarter, I had good opportunities to learn about her final wishes and to say goodbye.
  • Quynn was once again a regular focus in the quarter. I heavily value the time I get to spend with her.
  • I managed to meet with Kathy on a weekly basis when I wasn't travelling and with Ray fairly frequently while he was in the city.
  • I turned seventy in July of this year, and as a birthday gift, Dianne had promised to take me to New York. We first travelled to Boston where we spent a few days with Donna and Jeff from Oakville, Ontario including attending a Toronto Blue Jays vs Boston Red Sox baseball game as their guests, then we went to New York for four days on our own, and then to Ontario where we visited again with Donna and Jeff and their daughters’ families, having Thanksgiving dinner as their guests, and then seven days visiting Nancy and Ray, and three days visiting Dianne’s brother Dave and his wife Lorraine. This trip allowed me lots of time with close friends.
  • We travelled to Victoria in later November and early December to visit MegAnne’s grave site and this gave us an opportunity to visit with Brenda, Ron, Cythera, Cailyn, Diane, John and Jane, Bobbie and Bob, Chris and Kay. We missed out being able to visit with Ken and Tashi, and Rick but I did get to have a breakfast with Gary. This week was a great time with family and friends.
  • We spent an RV weekend at the David Thompson RV Resort for their Eastcoast Kitchen music festival along with Gary and Julie, Dale and Linda, Dan and Karen, and Paul and Deanne. I enjoyed some of this but the Celtic music doesn’t provide all that much enjoyment for me so I have signed up to return in 2017 for the Flashback weekend where the 50’s and 60’s music will be more to my taste. However, this weekend and then the trip from there to Yoho National Park and ultimately on to Kananaskis to spend time with the Dotto extended family. This provided a lot more relationship time.


This was a great year for travel, both by RV and by plane and train. We managed to squeeze in a bunch of short trips and one longer three week trip.

  • It did not work out this year to spend a week in Jasper engaged with Kathy and Ray in biking, hiking and photography.
  • In May, I drove by truck to Cheyenne, Wyoming where I met Kathy who was driving her Roadtrek camper van from Maryland and escorted her through Denver and the high mountains which pose blood presure problems for Kathy, and then on to Moab where we met Nancy and Ray and spent four nights in a spacious condo, and gettting out for photo shoots in the area around Moab. We then drove back through storms over Moneida Pass and up into Alberta to home.
  • In mid September, we spent a lovely weekend boondocking in our RV on farmland owned by Gary Chichak’s cousin. We managed a grand walk about the very large property and had two very good evenings around the campfire. The fall colour changes were appearing in this beautiful valley.
  • It did not work out for an RV trip to eastern Canada once again this year, but we did go by plane to Boston and then on by train to New York city. We then flew back to Ontario where we rented a car and spent about seven days walking in the woods around Nancy’s home having a very relaxing visit. From there, we drove to London Ontario for three days and then drove back to the visit Donna and Jeff overnight in Oakville before flying home the next day.
  • We drove in our RV to the David Thompson RV Resort situated on the David Thompson Highway between Rocky Mountain House and the Saskatchewan Crossing on the Ice Fields Parkway, then drove on to Yoho National Park where we did a day of hiking before heading to Kananaskis.
  • We spent a family RV weekend at Kananaskis.
  • Dianne and decided not to acquire a different and newer RV after attending the show in Edmonton.
  • We did not travel to Italy, and have not yet made plans for such a trip.

Physical Well-Being

I had a great year until the end of September, managing to drop about 16 lbs, and covering a great number of kilometres in daily walks. Until that time, I rigorously stuck to my 10,000 steps per day goal tracking progress in a spreadsheet. I tracked my eating patterns, my mediation behavior and my writing time. However, starting in October, once I was being pulled into the city to attend to my mother I failed to meet the daily goals and failed to adequately track what was happening.

    Daily Goals

  • Although I intended to work on daily goals only 6 days per week, I tracked everything for 366 days in this leap year using a spreadsheet.
  • I averaged 71.21 active minutes per day in physical activities such as walking.
  • I averaged 10,752 steps per day as measured by a Fitbit device.
  • I only managed to average 7.92 minutes per day of mediation, only meditating for 30 minutes during 101 days of the year.
  • I only managed to control meal portions for dinner on 245 days of the year and to not eat after dinner on 192 days. Although the numbers are not as high as I wanted to achieve, this is a significant improvement over last year.

Annual Goals

  • I managed to shed 16 excess pounds by the end of the third quarter, but my inactivity, nervous eating, and bingeing behaviours in the final quarter meant that I finished the year-end at the same weight I started the year. I consider this total failure relative to my goal. I’m pleased I was so diligent for three quarters of the year but feel lousy about how my body has finished the year.
  • I was aiming for 1,000 miles of walking, biking etc. in the year and finished with 1,809 miles (3,015 km), mostly attributable to walking.


This year was truly an inconsistent, frustrating and disappointing year. I did a great job on some of my daily goals and a lousy job on some others. I was consistently good at doing what it took to reach daily targets up until the end of September then sucked slough water in the last quarter. I accomplished some good things but didn’t get any of the work done on other things that I wanted to do. I produced a book I hadn’t planned on producing, but failed to get the one book I wanted to publish into print. As a bonus, I built two large garden boxes that produced more vegetables than we could consume. We planted two apple trees that will bear fruit next year. We figured out how to grow our grapes and expect good results next year. I planted some asparagus plants and hope to see them produce in a couple of years.

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