Third Quarter Quarter Progress Toward 2016 Goals

Writing and Publication

  • I thought I had completed work on the revision of the sales books during the second quarter, but on beginning work on a fourth book, A Quick Guide To Insight Sales, this took me back to revising the combined sales book and realizing that I probably need to revise the separate Retail and Corporate sales books one more time. I completed the Quick Guide in this Quarter and posted it to CreateSpace and Amazon for publication and sale.
  • I returned to working on the problem solving book, making a breakthrough on the acronym that I wish to use for the steps and writing new chapters to support the acronym choice. The model now has three sections Ė FIDGET, RELAX, and The Finish.
  • No new haibun rough drafts were completed in this quarter and I did not work on the rough drafts completed in the half of the year. My haibun work languishes right now.
  • Iím quite pleased with the resulting Insight Sales (Corporate and Retail) and Quick Guide To Insight Sales books that came out of this quarter, and excited about the progress I am making on the problem solving book.


  • The only photography I did in this third quarter was to take more shots of the canola fields in July and to take shots of Western Bluebirds on an RV jaunt to the Honkey, a farm site near Radway, Alberta.


  • My motherís health has improved and she is doing remarkably well. I still visit about three times a week. We met with her physician and worked out her personal wishes regarding future healthcare.
  • Quynn was also a regular focus in the quarter. I heavily value the time I get to spend with her.
  • I managed to meet with Kathy on a weekly basis and with Ray fairly frequently while he was in the city.
  • I was helped by Tyler, Ron, Daryl and Aryn in the taking of the dock out of the lake. We used a new device made for that purpose by my neighbor Andre and it worked like a charm. With Dianneís and Ronís help we easily got the boat out of the lake. I worry so much about that task in advance of doing it because we have had some tough times, but not this year.
  • I celebrated a 70th birthday this year and Dianne arranged a surprise party for me at the lake. This was an enjoyable evening with great food prepared by Dianne including an exceptional Prime Rib roast and a multi-layered white birthday cake with buttermilk icing. Dianne and Al, Brenda and Gloria, Steve and Mary Lynn George, Kathy, Ray, and Daryl came and I was very pleased and surprised. I'm grateful that Dianne made this happen.


  • Dianne and I travelled by the RV to the David Thompson Resort to meet up with Julie and Gary, Dale and Linda, Dan and Karen, Paul and Deanne for a weekend East Coast Kitchen Music festival. I enjoyed some of the music, especially that of a group from Calgary called Lowtide. It turns out Iím not that fond of repetitive Newfoundland and Irish music. We had a lobster dinner that was outstanding.
  • From the resort, we travelled to Yoho National park. We managed a good hike to Takaka Falls and Laughing Falls.
  • From Yoho, we travelled by RV to Canmore where we collected Quynn then travelled on to Mount Kidd RV park in Kananaskis where we participated in Dianneís familyís camping trip.
  • In mid September, we spent a lovely weekend boondocking in our RV on farmland owned by Gary Chichakís cousin. We managed a grand walk about the very large property and had two very good evenings around the campfire. The fall colour changes were appearing in this beautiful valley.

Physical Well-Being

  • Again, I made good progress toward my well-being goals. Initially, I had gained weight in July but managed to return to 207 lbs by the end of August. I began to add some additional exercises to my day doing stretches and some light-weight exercises when I awoke then did a major walk in the mornings. I did seek and have an annual physical fitness check-up at my doctorís office. He found some enlargement of my prostate. On considering how I was feeling, I argued for an antibiotic to treat what I thought was a urinary tract infection causing prostitus. He put me on Ciprofloxacin, which had a positive effect on the infection but a very heavy and negative effect on the rest of my body. I experienced joint pain, pain in the ribs in my lower chest, weakness in my legs, and a tendency to want to remain in bed. I was glad when this two-week regimen ended and I slowly recovered. I still have some lingering joint pain particularly in my right knee but it is getting better. As a result of our discussion about my sleep patterns and my tendency to reject use of my CPAP machine, my doctor referred me to a sleep specialist. I have been monitoring my sleep using my Fitbit Charge HR and I have significant periods of restlessness each night. I also sought and have received a referral to a dermatologist to see about removal of specific skin growths on my back. This is cosmetic work and not due to a health risk.
  • I continued to make reasonable progress on most of my daily goals. I continued to struggle with meeting my writing and meditation goals but I have continued well with my physical activity goals and my eating

Annual Goals

  • I've lost 16 pounds so far in the year.
  • Already by the end of this third quarter, I've walked a much greater distance than my whole annual goal..


This quarter was not as focused on my writing goals as I spent much more time on the road and out of doors but I did reasonably well on my activity goals. I went into my annual physical feeling pretty cocky about my wellbeing and was disturbed to find that my prostate was moderately enlarged. A treatment for this issue improved things but only after a two-week struggle with a systemically debilitating drug. My sleep patterns became more of a concern and I decided to do something about skin growths. I was referred to a gastroenterologist for another colonoscopy but nothing has come of that referral at this time. So, this quarter was both a good and a troubling quarter.

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portrait of a stubbly face
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