2016 Goals

Last year, as an experiment, I set a goal for each of the twelve months and missed many of them, and what I did accomplish didn’t match the calendar deadlines. I declare my attempt to set and keep monthly goals a failure and will abandon that experiment. In the coming year, I return to my old format of setting annual goals and will work to their completion as the year evolves. 

Writing and Publication

  • I intend to complete the revisions of “Insight Sales (Corporate and Retail)” and self-publish both the paperback and Kindle versions then offer them for sale through Amazon.
  • I intend to complete a third revision of “Insight Problem Solving” and take it through the self-publishing process to produce both a paperback and a Kindle version for sale through Amazon.
  • I intend to write, revise and self-publish a book titled “Insight Peer Counseling.”
  • I want to publish other digital e-book formats of the completed books and offer them for sale through outlets like Apple iBooks and Smashwords.
  • I will revisit the fictional novel titled “19 VIP Transition House” that I started several years ago to see if I can complete that project, and either do so, or abandon it for good.
  • I will add any new completed books to my Insight Publishers website.


My photographic interests have declined over the past year as my focus was so intensely on the writing and publishing work. I think this year will be less intense in that regard as I have a better handle on how to upload completed documents, so I do hope to re-kindle my drive to produce some decent images.

  • I will complete at least twenty photo-shoots during the year, covering a wide variety of subjects. It is likely that such photography will center on travel as I find it easier to see possible images when I am in new places, but I would like five of these photo-shoots to be local.
  • I will edit and post images within a month of their being taken.
  • I will attempt to obtain new software for photo-editing such as new filters for Photoshop and something to do better HDR merges.


  • I intend to help my mother through her current experience by assisting her during her visits to doctors and medical labs, seeing to her comfort at home, and having her out to our place when she is physically able.
  • I wish to continue having frequent visitors to the lake, with a specific desire to get Carol and Dennis, Kathy, Ray and Nancy out to spend some time together.
  • I hope we can have another weekend event with Gary and Julie, Dale and Linda and Bard and Tanis.


  • I am hoping that I can have another week in Jasper engaged with Kathy and Ray in biking, hiking and photography.
  • I want to actually do an RV trip to eastern Canada and not let myself chicken out for any excuse. I would like to get as far as Halifax in Canada and see lots of new places. If the dollar value allows, I would also like to head down through the eastern seaboard to Washington and New York city, then head to Nashville and Memphis to see some of the music venues. Such travel could include going to Austen and Galveston in Texas. In addition, it would be good to travel back through Utah to show Canyonlands, Natural Bridges, Bryce Canyon, and maybe even Zion to Dianne.
  • I expect that we will participate once again in the family RV weekend at Kananaskis, and would like to visit the Honky near Radway once again for a boondocking weekend with the Chichak’s, Tomas’ and their friends.
  • Dianne and I are contemplating the acquisition of a different and newer RV, and will try to get a look at the Triple E Leisurevan (Unity Island Bed version) either by travelling to the factory located in Winkler, Manitoba or by getting to an RV show in Edmonton, Calgary, Chilliwack  or Abbottsford to look at one if such a unit will be on display.
  • I would like to keep an open mind to air travel to Italy, either making plans to do so in 2017, or sneaking something in during 2016.

Physical Well-Being

Okay, this is the big one. I need to reconsider the goals that I have pretty frequently failed to accomplish. I am running out of time to do what I need to do to keep my body active and capable. Once again, I will set certain physical activity and eating goals and make a better effort to sustain the behavior that will allow me to meet them.

   Daily Goals (for six days of each week)

  • I will average 50 minutes per day in physical activities such as walking, biking, skiing, and an elastic stretching routine, and will chart these in a spreadsheet.
  • As part of such time oriented activity goals, I will specifically work to accomplish ten thousand steps in each day as measured by a Fitbit device.
  • I will meditate 20 minutes each day.
  • During each day, I will finish eating when I finish dinner, which can include a dessert.
  • I will consume smaller portion sizes than I have been accustomed to eating.

   Annual Goals

  • I will shed excess pounds going from 221 lbs today to 200 lbs by year end.
  • I will walk, ride or ski 1000 miles during the year.


So, given my previous performance, it is easy for me to feel some confidence about my ability to achieve my writing and photography goals, some doubt about my ability to achieve all of my travel and relationship goals, and pure unadulterated skepticism about achieving my physical goals. None-the-less, I will exercise as much willpower as I can muster to fulfill all of these goals within 2016. Of course, I need to acknowledge that what life throws at me will require some adjustments, and as I have done in the past, I will do what I can, and work to forgive myself for making different decisions as the year evolves.

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at the mouth of their den
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