Q1 Progress Report for 2015 Goals

I had set specific goals for each of the months.

Goal for January – Learn Enough About Book Publishing To Proceed
As reported earlier, I read about self-publishing books both in print format through CreateSpace and in digital format through Amazon Kindle and decided that this is the route I would take. I worked up the document in the digital format first.

I also made some significant progress on my goal for March by working through the first draft of Insight Problem Solving within the CreateSpace document format.
Goal For February – Publish Both a Paperback and an e-Book
I did not submit the Insight Sales book for publication because it needed to be fully formatted for CreateSpace and because I had received a request from the co-author to split it into two books, one for retail sales and one for corporate sales. I began that process by first putting the combined book into the CreateSpace format which was considerably more difficult than I had anticipated. I completed that formatting by the last week of February then began the work to separate the document into two books.

Goal for March – Complete Already Started First Draft of Book on S.P.I.C.E3 Problem-Solving
March has been a complicated month as I worked on both the revision for Insight Problem Solving and proper formatting of that book for CreateSpace, and on separating the Insight Sales book into two, while also spending 13 days in Mexico on vacation. I completed the revised draft of Insight Problem Solving and am only about a third of the way through in creating Insight Sales (Retail). I haven’t yet started on Insight Sales (Corporate).

In a nutshell, I am behind on getting the Insight Sales books published but current with my goals for Insight Problem Solving. I now need to review Insight Problem Solving one more time then get someone else to red it critically.

I got a bit of a head start on the goal for April in two ways. We have decided not to get a puppy at this time, which mostly relieves me from the goal of learning how to train a puppy. However, we did start dog sitting a one year old cockapoo during the last week of March and have him until April 11, so I will be experimenting with training him during that period. He already has some skills (fully house trained, and knows the commands of sit, shake a paw, lie down, and was working on come before he joined us). I will continue to work on come, and see if I can tech him roll-over, fetch, “no-bite” and “no-bark”.

Lifestyle Goals:
I also set some general lifestyle goals for the year with one modification after I had originally published the goals. I added the intention to complete a photo shoot once per week.

Physical Wellness
Except for very poor performance during March, I managed to reduce my eating after 7:00 in the evening during the month of February and some of March, walked for 45 to 55 minutes most days except during the first two weeks of March, and reduced my weight to 210 lbs. as of the end of March. I was down to 206 but rose again after totally slipping on the goal of not eating after 7:00. That is a goal of major importance it would seem and I keep sabotaging my performance.

I had a full physical exam in January that led to some subsequent tests including an ultrasound  of my abdomen which, to my surprise, revealed no gall stones, but did suggest that I had a kidney stone in my left kidney and possibly a cyst. I then had a CT Scan of my abdomen which confirmed the kidney stone and I’m being referred to a urologist. I will shortly under go a Cholon Barium Enema test to see how my cholon is doing.

I am mostly trying to address my physical wellness through daily walking. Early on, I was much better at reducing my portion sizes when eating and at not eating after 7:00 so I have to reassert my intention to follow-through on those goals.

I spent considerable time with Quynn during this quarter including spending five days with her when she was very sick with strep and her mother had to be away at a conference. We enjoyed swimming on Thursday evenings in this quarter and several weekend visits where she and Gweneth were with us out at the lake.

We had several visits by my mother and Dianne’s mother during this quarter, one also involving Dianne’s brother Daryl.

I intend to establish a writer’s group of about five people who will write and give each other feedback but have not yet done so. I have given frequent feedback to one other haibun writer during this period and exchanged e-mails with a past member of a previous haibun writer’s group.

I wrote twelve haibun in this quarter, and one draft of a commentary on a haibun written by Matsuo Basho in 1690. The haibun appear in this website. The commentary might be submitted for potential publication at one of the on-line haibun journals. It needs further revision.

I have worked on the Insight books but have only spent time writing during about half the days in this period, averaging about four hours in any day I did work on these documents.

I did not manage to do one photo shoot every week since I took on that goal in the beginning of February, but I have done quite a few. I averaged one a week for much of February and one every two days in the first twelve days of March but I haven’t done anything other than process images and post them on my website since mid March.

I am making relatively acceptable progress on preparing the books on Insight Problem-Solving and Insight Sales, meeting my goals for the writing of haibun (although quality may be an issue), and failing to satisfy my physical wellness goals and sort of falling short on my belated photography goal.

I feel okay about myself, holding the view that I am mostly winning and enjoying myself.

pairs of geese
honk their way by
and a flight of finches
arrives at the feeder
warming temperatures

(These five lines are supposed to be what is called a tanka – a five line poem written in the haiku tradition. It is my first, and I really have no idea if it satisfies the criteria for tanka but it works for me.)