Personal Goals for 2015

This year, I’m going to take a different approach. I haven’t been too successful this past couple of years doing what I’ve been doing, so it seems best to change my tack. The idea for what I’m doing comes from a fourth year University of Alberta Psychology student (name not known by me) who is operating website. He learns a new skill each week of the year and posts videos showing what he has learned. I’m not into learning the same skills he has set out to learn but the idea of juicing up my life by setting specific learning and accomplishment goals appealed to me, so I’m targeting one per month. In each month of 2015, I will achieve one major accomplishment or one major new learning.

Goal for January – Learn Enough About Book Publishing To Proceed
To learn all that I can about the book publishing industry so that I can finally submit Insight Sales for publishing in e-book and paperback forms. I also want to learn about publishing audio books  to provide another vehicle to get the book to market. I intend to learn about formatting a book for the different media, which software will best allow me to do this, and which publishing channels to use to achieve the best sales and revenue. This new learning will include figuring out how to best market the published versions of the books and potential sales training offerings that could result.
Goal For February – Publish Both a Paperback and an e-Book
Insight Sales has been written. It is time to get this book published, marketed and producing revenue in the form of both book sales and training sales. To sell the training, new presentation packages need to be created in MS PowerPoint and that would be the focus of this month.

Goal for March – Complete Already Started First Draft of Book on S.P.I.C.E3 Problem-Solving
I’ve written 50 pages of a first draft of this book extending the S.P.I.C.E3 model to a creative problem solving approach. That first draft has to be completed to produce a full book, ready for revision and editing by the end of March.

Goal for April – Train A Young Puppy or Complete S.P.I.C.E3 Problem Solving Draft
I expect that we will acquire a young puppy by April. If so, the goal for this month will be to house train the young dog and begin to train for obedience. I need to learn how to do this so must first train myself. If for some reason we chose not to get a puppy at this time, I will use this month to complete the first draft on S.P.I.C.E3 problem solving.

Goal for May – Build Garden Boxes and Lay Brickwork for a Small Patio
We want to grow our own vegetables. I intend to learn the proper procedures and to build two or three boxes in the back yard to allow us to have our own garden. In addition, there is a 75 sq. ft. area at the back that we would like to cover with paving blocks so we can set up a gardening table.

Goal for June – First Draft of Book on Peer Counseling Based on S.P.I.C.E3
Using the S.P.I.C.E3 concepts, I want to write a book on peer counseling. June will allow me to start the first draft of such a book. This is a time of enjoying the outdoors both at the lake and in some RV weekends with family and friends so I imagine this being a goal I pursue in one-hour writing sessions each day. Some of the content has already been produced in earlier books and only has to be modified to fit the new topic, while some does require original work.

Goal for July –  Complete Draft of Book on Peer Counseling Based On S.P.I.C.E3
I anticipate that this first edition will take two months. I will work to complete that draft in July while also enjoying daily bike rides, jaunts in the boats, and play with the grandchildren. We also hope to have a family gathering over the July long weekend and possibly will meet Julie and Gary somewhere in the BC interior as they close out their vacation.

Goal for August – Bike Around Pigeon Lake
Dianne and I have talked about completing the 61K ride around the lake in a single ride and we will do this during the month of August. I have done 27k rides  but not the complete ride. We will train for and complete the ride some time in August. In addition, we will likely join family in Kananaskis as we have done the past few years. I suspect that any failure to complete the book on Peer Counseling will mean a continuation of the writing in August.

Goal for September – Learn to Fully Utilize Adobe Lightroom or RV Travel Across Canada
It was hard for me to determine what learning goal or major accomplishment goal I would like to accomplish during this ninth month of the year , and at this time, I have two possibilities. I need to learn to utilize Lightroom as well as Kelly does. Alternatively, we could take the RV and travel across Canada like we did last fall.

Goal for October – Learn To Fully Utilize Adobe Illustrator Or Move RV To Palm Beach
Again, it is tough to think as far out to the tenth month to determine what my learning and major accomplishment goal could be so I have two possibilities. I would benefit from learning how to use Adobe Illustrator more effectively. As well, there may be reason to move the RV south to Palm Beach in anticipation of a gtrip to the southern U.S. in February of 2016. The actual goal for October will be determined as we sort out our travel plans for 2016.

Goal for November – Create A Writer’s Feedback Group For Book Authors
It would be very helpful to me to have a group of readers who could give me feedback on my own writing. In exchange, I would offer my feedback on what they produce. I would benefit from both activities. My goal for the month of November is to locate five motivated individuals who would be willing to join such a group and begin to share our writing.

Goal for December – Bask in All My Glory or Learn to Cross Country Ski
I have no idea at this time what I want to accomplish in the month of December so I jest. Something will emerge.

Lifestyle Goals:

There are a few general elements of my personal lifestyle that I will continue to pursue in 2015.

Physical Wellness
As a result of working on physical wellness goals the past few years, I have built up some positive aspects to my lifestyle that I wish to commit to retaining. I am not going to set any specific weight loss goals or deliberate work out goals but I would like to continue to find time most days of each week to walk, bike, ski, skate for at least 40 minutes.

I will slowly increase the number of days per week where I deliberately choose to drink water after 7:00 instead of consuming food. This will be a challenge because of prior failures but one I will focus on each night.

I will book a full physical exam in January and request a colonoscopy, ultra sound on my gall bladder, and an appointment with an ear/nose and throat specialist.

I will continue to assist Aryn by looking after Quynn at least one night per week, and potentially two.

I will continue to invite my mother, Dianne’s mother and Brother, and friends and family members out to the lake. I would like to once again invite Carol and Dennis Brown out for visit, hopefully a weekend during this coming summer time.

I truly want to have at least one week with Kathy and Ray (and Nancy if she can be here) camping/RVing in Jasper for hiking and photography.

I would like to establish a writer’s group of about five people who will write and give each other feedback.

I will continue to produce at least two haibun per month, and at least one free verse poem in the year.

I will finish complete drafts of the S.P.I.C.E3 series of books by spending time as many days per week as I can manage and return to the initial work done on a fictional novel.

I have twelve learning or accomplishment goals for the year that have monthly deadlines. I also want to sustain the healthier habits I have already established, Through this process, I hope to have a more fulfilling and rewarding year.

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