Q2 Report on Progress Toward 2014 Goals

As of the end of the second quarter in 2014, I have failed to make positive progress in all categories:

  1. Physical wellbeing
  2. Writing
  3. Relationships
  4. Photography
  5. Website
  6. Travel


And yet, this has been a very good quarter for me in terms of positive changes.

Physical Wellbeing

I was very inconsistent in following through with my physical fitness activities, failed totally on my intention to record what I was eating in MyFitness Pal, and more than failed to curb my eating after 7:00 p.m. Because I had periods where I was looking after visitors, I found it hard to do my exercise on a daily basis and even had periods of a week or more where I failed to do any.

As a result, I finished the quarter at 209 lbs – a rise in weight and a decrease in motivation.


Progress was made on the latest revision of my book on selling, but I sent that draft off to two friends for editing and this suspended my writing activity. I did make a small stab at starting a second book on problem solving but only in two writing sessions. I produced next to nothing in the second quarter in the way of creative writing, generating only two first draft haibun. I did not write any free verse. I suspended participation in the Haibun Support Group.


Dianne retired at the end of May and spent much of June cleaning her condo and working on getting it rented. This kept her in the city for much of the month but It was significant to me that she moved her stuff out to the lake house as we start this next phase of our relationship.

I visited with Kelly and helped her with Cooper, giving myself a week of time with the two of them. This was a very positive experience for me as I got to bond with Cooper. 

I got to spend time with Quynn, either having her out to the lake on her own, or having her here while Dianne had Gweneth for a weekend.

My mother spent more time out at the lake.

The usual time in June with Florence, Kathy and Ray did not take place. The cabin we typically used had been sold and we didn’t find an alternative. However, I did get to spend four days in Jasper with Kathy and Ray during the first week of July. Many photos were taken and posted late to my website, as was this update on progress to my goals.


I did use both the Canon D-70 and the Canon Powershot SX280 gaining more comfort with both of them, but didn’t take that many pictures. I did get out on a couple of spring photo shoots in nearby rural areas but didn’t get any images that impressed me.


I failed to update my website in time to finish the second quatrter on time. I did not get to work on updating the site until the 15th of July. The work wasn’t completed until July 31. No blog was set up in this period.


No travel was completed in April, May or June of this year. I did spend four nights at Wabasso Campground in Jasper National Park in the RV.


I experienced a significant malfunction in will power this month but I still felt reasonably okay with my current life experience at the end of the quarter. I was enjoying time with family and friends, and reveling in the fact that Dianne had retired, opening up our opportunity to both travel and spend more time enjoying our place at the lake.

rainy evening
firewood still stacked
by the fire pit