Q1 Report on Progress Toward 2014 Goals

At the end of March, I’m still doing okay with my goals, achieving what feels right to achieve at this point, and falling just short in a way that makes sense given my intentions for the whole year.  Once I was over my January head cold, I made some progress. I was set back again by our travels to Hawaii in February where I was less active than I would have liked, and failed to do my morning exercise ritual for the entire 12 day period of that holiday.

Physical Wellbeing

In January, I realized that I couldn’t manage doing all three sets of my exercise routine at the same time. I decided to change my plan and to aim to do alternate days of my stretching exercises coupled with the Tai Chi foundation, with my stretching routine paired with my resistance exercise on the other day. As mentioned above, I was unfaithful to this goal in February. However, once I got back into my routine following the vacation cruise, I was able to do one or the other variation about 3.5 to 4 times per week. I was noticing benefits as the exercises became easier to do. However, once again, I did not return to using MyFitnessPal to track my consumption and my activity; and I continued to eat to excess well after 7:00 p.m.

I continued to walk most days for about 50 minutes. The FitBit measures my daily activity and gives me regular statistics on the number of steps I take each day. In the first quarter, I averaged just over 7,000 steps per day. This is short of my proposed target of 8,000 steps per day.

Regrettably, I finished the quater at 206 lbs.


In January, I finished my first complete edit of the book I now title “Selling the S.P.I.C.E3”. I printed it out, and worked through the hard copy penciling in where I needed to make more changes. I then entered the changes into the document on my computer.

When I started, I wanted to cut the length from 304 pages to closer to 200. I saved what I deleted in a slush pile file, which grew to 80 pages. However, my document finished the quarter coming in at 294 pages. As I edited, I kept adding new material.   

I then sent that completed version off to three people to read. Bernie Spak, as a salesperson,  read it to see if there was any content he couldn’t agree with. Bobbie Carey read it to do fierce editing suggestions and has done so at the punctuation, word and sentence level. Kathy Caine did a first reading to get a sense of the whole picture and comment on how readable the manuscript was for her. I will receive their feedback in April.

No attempt to work on the fictional novel was undertaken in this first quarter as all energy was concentrated on the book on selling. I did mull over the idea of that book again but nothing more.

I completed six haibun in this quarter, only a few of which were submitted to the Haibun Study Group for critique and feedback. Unfortunately, I have only had feedback from a few people on most of the haibun I’ve written so their quality is probably suspect. They have been posted to my site. No free verse poems were attempted this month.


The most exciting news about my relationships this quarter remains the announcement by Dianne that she will retire from her employment at the end of May, 2014. We will both be living at the lake house once that has been accomplished. 


I briefly visited David, Kelly and Cooper for an hour during  this quarter. As we headed to Hawaii for 10 days, they headed to Russia for three weeks to attend the Olympics, and for Kelly to perform her broadcasting duties for CBC. She worked on Prime Time with Ron MacLean and hosted the Raising an Olympian series sponsored by Proctor and Gamble.  They came back from Russia, and within a week were off to Australia where David will continue his training in preparation for this years World Cup series.

Quynn and my mother spent a weekend together with me at the lake several times during the quarter. In addition, Dianne’s mother and brother joined us for two weekends.


While in Hawaii, I shot pictures with both my Canon 70D and the Canon Powershot SX280. These images are posted to this site. I also shot some winter images with both cameras during the quarter, which are posted, but are less than inspired.


My website is current as of the end this posting, with all images shot in the quarter both edited and posted on the site. All haibun written by the end of March have been edited and posted at this time. I am 18 days past the quarter as I have brought my site up to date. This means I missed the goal of being current.

I have made absolutely no progress on learning how to set up a blog.


We enjoyed our trip to Hawaii, cruising on the Norwegian Pride of America around the islands, stopping at Maui, Hilo, Kono, Kauai, and back at Oahu. We were off the boat everyday, did a wonderful snorkeling excursion with Paragon Sailing and Snorkeling from Maui, a helicopter flight over Kauai in poor weather through Safari Tours, and had several other days of walking and snorkeling on our own. But we walked less than we had hoped we would do, and overate despite intentions to show restraint.


I’m pleased with progress in this first quarter even though I backed off some of my intentions. Life is good.

comfort food
in my belly
a restful sleep