M1 Report on Progress Toward 2014 Goals

One month into the new year and I’m doing okay relative to my goals. Early in January, I did my ritual of getting sick as I ended the old year and started the new one. A head cold persisted until mid-January which inhibited a strong start at following through on my plan, but I did get going and finished the month well.

Physical Wellbeing

I fell short of my goal to exercise for a full two hours each morning an average of 4.5 days per week, coming in at 3.5. I averaged walking for 55 minutes about 5 days per week, stretching for 55 minutes about 5 days per week, the tai chi foundation for 28 minutes 5 days per week, and the resistance exercises for 36 minutes for about 3.5 days per week. I do so enjoy the burn and vibration I feel in my larger muscles after I do the full sequence.

I completely failed to live up to two intentions. I did not return to using MyFitnessPal to track my consumption and my activity; and I continued to eat to excess well after 7:00 p.m.

 I do continue to wear the FitBit which gives me regular statistics on the number of steps that I take each day. It seems that a goal of 8000 steps per day is reasonable. I’m averaging 7,400 steps per day.

During January, particularly because of my excessive evening eating, I did not shed any weight, finishing the month at 205 lbs.



I finished my first complete edit of the book I now title “Selling the S.P.I.C.E3” which is currently 304 pages in length. I printed it out, and have prepared myself to do a major revision, reorganizing where I can and trying to get to just over 200 pages. I met with Bernie Spak who has been involved in the development of the ideas within the book, and he is excited about a potential published book coming out of the project. 

No attmpt to work on the fictional novel was undertaken in this first month as all energy was concentrated on the book on selling.

I completed four haibun this month, with submissions of two of them to the Haibun Writer’s Workgroup for critique and feedback. No free verse poems were attempted this month.

I joined the on-line Haibun Study Group providing feedback to others on their work, submitting a couple of my own, and commenting on the work of published authors that are part of our study.


Dianne has formally announced her plans to retire from her employment at the end of May, 2014. We will both be living at the lake house once that has been accomplished. 


I briefly visited David, Kelly and Cooper for an hour once this month to deliver some toys and a bed that was being given to them by Aryn and Quynn.

Quynn and my mother spent a weekend together with me at the lake during the month, and we finished January with my mother, Dianne’s mother and brother joining us for the weekend.

Kathy and Florence and I got together for an afternoon to experiment with light painting in Florence’s photography studio.



I have played a little bit with both new cameras but haven’t yet shot enough images to really get to know the features and menus of the two units.

I took about 50 images in the month and posted 26 images on my website in the month. Most of these images were shot using the point and shoot Canon Powershot SX280 camera.


My website is current as of the end of this month, with images shot in that month both edited and posted on the site, and all haibun that I have written edited and posted.

I have made absolutely no progress on learning how to set up a blog.


We are getting excited about our trip to Hawaii.


Things are going well after this first 31 days of the year, but because of delays in getting started with the physical changes to my day, I can’t say that I have established the habit of working out in some form each day. I expect to continue into February so will eventually make this an automatic aspect of my day.

fresh snow
the dirt of yesterday
is covered over