Goals 2014

About to launch into the new year during tonight’s celebrations, I’m ready. I intend to continue the work I started in 2013 to achieve even better results.  I will maintain the following general priorities, which differ slightly from those that I set last year:

  • Physical wellbeing
  • Writing
  • Relationships
  • Photography
  • Website
  • Travel

I am setting goals within each of these areas that will be challenging; but I do so with a strong desire to realize these results.

Physical Wellbeing

This area requires further change to my daily lifestyle. I now intend to average 4.5 times per week doing the following:

  • 50 minutes of stretching and core exercises, including basic crunches and yoga stretches to strengthen my core;
  • 15-20 minutes of the basic tai chi foundation exercises to strengthen my legs, particularly above the knees;
  • 25 minutes of resistance exercises using my elastics to work arms, shoulders, back and core; and,
  • 50 minutes of walking, cross country skiing, snow shoeing, or bike riding, to improve my breathing and stamina.

I intend to return to using MyFitnessPal to track my consumption and my activity, and will continue to wear the FitBit which gives me regular statistics on the number of steps that I take each day. It seems that a goal of 8000 steps per day is reasonable.

I will exercise greater will power and not consume useless calories during the evening hours, particularly while I watch TV or read.

I would like to achieve a year end weight under 200 pounds, with a target of 190, but only if that feels like a good weight for me, once I achieve that weight this time around. I did so once before and I saw myself as too skinny, so it may be enough to just live at 200. I’ll make that determination once I reach 190.


I will finish the book I now title “Selling the S.P.I.C.E3” and submit it to a series of agents until I get one to agree to represent the book; or if this does not materialize, I will then pursue electronic publishing.

I will finish the first complete draft of my fictional novel, and commence an aggressive revision.

I will average three completed haibun per month, which includes submitting each to the Haibun Writer’s Workgroup for critique and feedback.

I will write at least three free verse poems.

I will continue work with the informal group that is learning to analyze and critique haibun that gets published in the haibun specialist journals. I will attempt to write at least one commentary on one haibun that I would submit for publication in one of those journals.


I expect that Dianne and I will be living together full time by the middle of 2014, and doing so comfortably by the end of the year. This may result in an actual marriage, if not just a continuation of what we now consider a common law marriage.

I intend to visit David and Kelly once per month in their home, and hope that they can find their way to our lake house during the summer.

I will continue to encourage Aryn and Quynn to visit our lake house as often as they wish, and hope to have Dianne’s large clan visit for at least two weekends over the year. I enjoy the annual camping trip that we have done and hope that one of those will also occur this year.

I will bring my mother to the lake house one weekend per month.

I hope to continue to spend a week in June and September with Kathy, Florence and Ray as well as do something together about once per month.


I intend to learn how to effectively use the two new cameras that I acquired at the end of 2013, and to continue to take photos both at home and while travelling.

I expect to take and post at least 1000 images on my website in the 2014 year.


My website will be current as of the end of each month, with all images shot in that month both edited and posted on the site, and all haibun that I have written edited and posted.

I would like to find the knowledge that would allow me to set up a blog related to selling skills. I need to find a person that could help me to accomplish this goal.


We have booked a trip to Hawaii. This trip involves three days in Honolulu and seven days aboard the Pride of America cruising around the islands. I expect to do at least three snorkeling excursions on this trip.

We will participate in an RV trip to Lundbreck, which is undertaken by a portion of Dianne’s family, for the purpose of fly fishing. We will join them and do day trips exploring the area.

Once Dianne has the luxury of booking a longer trip, we will travel to eastern Canada, preferably by RV, but if not, by plane to Hamilton then by rental car to see the fall color changes. If possible this would include connecting with Ray and Nancy in the Algonquin area, and Donna and Jeff near Burlington. I would like this trip to last a month.


I plan a daily structure that involves waking at 7:00 a.m., doing approximately 110 minutes of exercises, eating a healthy breakfast, and working on my writing for at least two hours before noon. In the afternoon, I will write, read, do some chores, do a bit of photography, and do a 50 minute walk or more. In the evening I will watch TV and/or read but I will not go after snacks. We will enjoy the lake house in the summer and travel in the winter and fall. I will make contact with family and friends to prevent becoming an isolate at the lake house.

ten deer bound
down the front road
“oohs” and “ahhs” follow