Q3 Report on Progress Toward 2013 Goals

It’s the end of September and we are having wonderful fall weather, with the leaves changing colors and remaining on the branches because the winds have not blown them free.

Physical Well-Being – Through this third quarter of the year, I have persisted with my daily regimen of stretching exercises for typically 50-70 minutes per day, and an hour or more of either walking or riding my bike. On many of the finer summer days, I did both the walking and the riding. In September, there was some interruption where I traveled or when I was in the city to look after Quynn but I still consider the month to have been a successful adherence to the new lifestyle brought on by my 2013 goals.
This added activity to my day was intended

to bring about weight reduction, and as the end of September draws near, I am weighing in at 202 lbs, which is almost at my previously real but not declared target of 200. I am fully expecting to successfully achieve that weight by the year end.

I feel pretty good, even though I wake with a soreness throughout my body. However, once the stretching has been done I am more limber, with better core body strength, and more comfortable moving around.

Writing – In this area of my progress toward my goals, I am frustrated, but apathetic. I have revived my thinking about completing the two books despite doing nothing of much consequence in this quarter. I investigated setting up a blog for the book on selling, downloaded Wordpress with the goal of using it to set up a ‘conversations in selling’ blog, but can’t figure out how to use it. I printed out what I had written on my fictional novel, began to edit that work, got extremely discouraged and did not return. I have been thinking about the story line so may be able to return to that work.

I have produced at least a dozen haibun in this quarter, have submitted them to my writer’s workgroup, obtained feedback, made revisions, and have posted them on my website.  Six of the most recent are posted on the NEW page in my website.

Photography – I have posted all of the images that I have captured and edited this year and it turns out that by the end of this three quarters of the year, I have shot a large number of images. I am pleased with a fair number of them and will make selections and post them in my ‘favourites’ section of my website by the end of this year.

Website – As the end of this quarter draws near, my website is up-to-date in all ways but the ‘favourites’ section of the photo galleries.

Relationships – I began the year concerned about my mother’s health. However, she doing incredibly well. She has taken on several motor trips with my sister, and one with Dianne and I, is very happy, bought a new car, and has a very positive outlook on her life.

I have spent good time with Quynn this quarter, swimming when we can, playing out at the lake, visiting pet stores, and challenging the neighborhood playground. I did spend several additional days with her in the city when she was ill, and she has visited the lake without her mom for several weekends. She joined us on our RV trip for a long weekend at Kananaskis.

Dianne and I managed to have one weekend at the lake on our own during this quarter, which is refreshing for both of us. We love having company but also cherish those times when it is just us.

I did visit David and Kelly in this quarter but only for a few hours, as I dropped in to pick up a new bike that Dianne, Aryn, David and Kelly bought me for my birthday.

Travel – In this quarter, we managed two weekend RV trips – one to Kananaskis with family, including Dianne’s siblings and their children and grandchildren, and Aryn and Quynn. Kelly dropped in to spend one day with us; and the other trip was to Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump and Fort Macleod in Southern Alberta. My mother accompanied us on this fall trip to see the changing of the leaf colours. We took highway 2 down, which was not scenic, but drove around the Fort Macleod area to view the Oldman River, and the Lundbreck falls. We then returned home on the very scenic highway 22 up through Lundbreck, Black Diamond, Turner Valley, Brag Creek, Cochrane, Sundry, Caroline and Rocky Mountain House.

We have begun to make plans for a trip to Mexico in February of 2014. I’m looking forward to two or three weeks there during what is a cold month here.

At this time, I’m feeling pretty cocky about the physical wellbeing portion of my goals, sheepish about the writing goals, and satisfied about the photography, relationships and travel goals.

fallen leaves
the sound of honking
as the sunrises