Second Quarter Progression for 2013 Goals

I began the year with set priorities within my goals:

  1. Physical wellbeing
  2. Writing
  3. Photography
  4. Website
  5. Relationships
  6. Travel

I have managed to follow-through on the Physical Wellbeing goals but haven’t done at all well with my Writing goals and only moderately well on my Photography goals.

Physical Well-Being – For the first six months of the year, I have really worked to change my life style, being more active than I was. I have been fairly successful at doing a daily exercise regimen involving stretching, core strengthening, and the Tai Chi foundation exercise for both stretching and some muscle development in my legs. This exercise formula takes about 65 minutes per day.  I had set a goal of increasing my daily steps from almost nothing to 10,000 steps per day. As of the end of June, I’m averaging 8,000 steps, 3.75 miles of distance, and more than 50 minutes per day of walking.

I am getting desired results. My weight in the first six months has dropped about 16 pounds. I’ve taken in my belt two notches. People are saying that I look like I’ve lost weight. I recently did a long uphill hike over a trail where I would typically have to stop 6 to 8 times to catch my breath, and got up with only one brief stop, only so I could check on the people behind me. I’m just now finding my exercise regimen to be easier than when I started, and my flexibility has increased. I still have lower back stiffness, but it seems that I have less of it. For example, after a three and a half hour drive, I got out of my vehicle and wasn’t hunched over with a stiffened lower back. That would not have been the case even a few months ago.

Writing – I have failed significantly in this area. I haven’t done any revisions on the book on Smart Selling – it continues to languish amongst the files on my computer. As I think this is a very worthwhile project, I have to get over my reluctance to edit and revise and get that done. I did start to write a fictional novel. With great enjoyment and excitement during the process, I determined what I would attempt in the novel, wrote twenty five pages and stopped. I let that sit for weeks and then re-read what I wrote and it disappointed me. I haven’t regained the determination to return to writing.

However, I have been reading two magazines on writing – The Writer, and Writer’s Digest – and they are helping to rekindle an urge to write that novel with less censorship during the writing phase.

I have managed to continue my participation in the Haibun Writer’s Workgroup and have averaged more than three haibun per month plus revisions. I have experimented with a couple of subject areas that are different for me and this has been interesting to me. These haibun are posted elsewhere on this site. 
Nothing has moved me to write any free verse in the period.

Photography – I have done five serious photo shoots during the six months so fell shy of this goal of one per month. I have done two sessions in studio and the rest were photo sessions while travelling. I have taken lots of photos in this six month period, more than I did all of last year, and have posted them on my website.

Website – I am pleased with the state of my workshop. I re-arranged the writing section and changed the appearance of the pages, and I’m totally up-to-date with the posting of writing and images.

Relationships – I’m pretty pleased with the relationship aspect of my life at this time. I’ve had good time with my granddaughter; the five week vacation with my ‘wife’ was a good experiment for us as we sort out how much RVing we want to do; had some time visiting David and Kelly in their home; and spent several evenings and a week together with my friends Florence, Kathy and Ray. I’ve stayd in contact with my mother either by visits to her place, her visits to the lake to stay with us, or by phone and she is doing well.

Travel – Dianne and I left our lake house in our motor home on January 26th, drove down I15 to Las Vegas, then over through San Bernardino to Palm Springs, down to El Centro to visit with Linda and Phil around the Salton Sea, then to San Diego to attend the Zoo and the Acquarium. We travelled back home along the California and Oregon Coast, arriving home March 2nd.

I spent the last week in June in Jasper at the cabin on Lake Edith with Florence, Kathy and Ray, hiking, biking and doing photography.

I did manage to exercise significant will power to achieve my physical goals, but failed to build in time each day to sit and do my writing or editing work. I'm actually pleased with myself because of how I feel physically, and how I exercised some determination to bring about improvements. Because I did so, I feel better about myself mentally as well. Now I need to determine if I have the commitment to those specific goals to make sure things are different in the second half of the year.

moving clouds
the canoe sits
in an eddy