Goals 2013
The temperature is a little milder at the beginning of this New Year making me feel hopeful that I might be able to be more active this winter, and thereby get a better start on my physical wellbeing goals. This year, I start with definite priorities within my goals:

  1. Physical wellbeing
  2. Writing
  3. Photography
  4. Website
  5. Relationships
  6. Travel

This ordering of goals could certainly be criticized by family and friends, as it is by one of the voices in my own head. However, I feel the need to really focus on my own stuff this year to get my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health in line with my long term intention to live at least until Quynn reaches her twenties. My chances are slimmer if I don’t gain better control over my body and my mental reactions to the few stresses in my life.

Physical Well-Being – I intend to be aggressive in this area. I make myself a promise – to spend 20 minutes a day doing my early morning stretch exercises, to follow a progressive plan to increase my steps per day from a target of 3000 steps each day in January to 10,000 steps per day by September through the rest of the year, and to use the MyFitnessPal app on my iPhone every day of the year to track all that I eat.

I now reiterate last years goal – “I am setting the specific goal of losing 2-3lbs per month throughout the year. I intend to do this through two main changes to my eating pattern – smaller portions and no eating after 7:00 in the evening.” I rekindle a commitment and will work throughout the year to make this happen.

I have not exercised the willpower that I am capable of in achieving this goal in the past. I promise myself to do this in 2013 so that I finish the year at 210 lbs or less, more limber, with better core body strength, and more comfort moving around. I just don’t want to feel so big physically, while thinking of myself as so small mentally.

Writing - I will complete revision of my book on the Smart Selling System and continue to frequently write haibun, freelance poetry, and will undertake some form of fictional story. I have the kernel of an idea and have done a little bit of research for a novel for which I could sustain interest through the arduous process of writing the book. I would like to proclaim that I will submit two books to agents in search of publication by the end of 2013 but I find myself afraid to do so. So, I shall proclaim it.

In addition, I will produce three haibun per month for posting on my website. My Freelance poetry will have to take care of itself as it usually does – the muse seldom visits and I have no control over that writing spirit.

Photography – I want to do at least one serious photo-shoot per month. Each would have to involve several hundred images to be considered serious. Florence has created a studio in her home, and I hope to make at least one of these photo- sessions a studio shoot in that environment.

Website – I will finish the year with an up-to-date website, complete with all images captured in the year and all writing posted. I would like to clean up some of my past work but that may or may not happen, and that is okay.

Relationships – This year is starting with a major concern as my mother has found, at age 90, that she has breast cancer.  She is scheduled for some surgery in January, with the surgery being a major health risk as is the cancer. I expect that I will be spending more time with her this year than I did last.

I expect to continue to spend weekly time with Quynn and will be available for much of the year to look after her over extended periods if her mother travels or if Quynn is ill.

Dianne and I need more time that is not distracted by her work, and we begin the year with a five week trip through later January and all of February. That will be very vitalizing. Somewhere in this year, we will marry. I have to speak to her Mother and Son, and to my own son and daughter to get their blessing/permission for us to proceed, and will do this. We have both agreed on the concept and now have to talk about the when and where.

I am hoping to visit David and Kelly in their new home and to do some snow showing, Cross Country skiing, and hiking in their area. I am similarly hopeful that they will be able to spend some time at the lake this summer. Training and competing schedules may make this a challenge but I remain hopeful that Quynn will draw them even if I can’t.

David will head to Australia in January and February for winter training in 2013. This allows him to continue to compare his performance with others and as long as he is competitive, he will persist. He is doing all of this without any team support because they have decided he is too old to invest in further. He thinks not. I’m very proud of him.

Kelly is still working with the National Ski Team to determine if her knee has recovered well enough after her two surgeries to allow her to return to the sport of downhill ski racing. Over the last quarter of the year, she was experiencing significant improvement but it may not yet be enough. I think she will be making her decision within the first quarter of the coming year, by season's end.

Consequently, my time with the two of them is subject to the developments of their respective athletic careers. However, I will endeavor to spend more time with them than I did last year.

Travel – Dianne and I intend to leave from our lake house in our motor home on January 26th to drive down I15 to Las Vegas, then over through San Bernardino to Palm Springs, down to El Centro to visit with Linda and Phil around the Salton Sea, then to San Diego to attend the Zoo and the Acquarium. We may be able to head back home along the Oregon Coast. We intend to return home by March 2nd.

This trip will consume all of Dianne’s vacation leave so we likely won’t have many other travel opportunities in the year – other than some weekend jaunts. This might include Kananaskis, ‘The Honky” area which is a favorite of members of Dianne’s family, and maybe up to Slave Lake.

Otherwise, my travel will be back and forth between Edmonton and Mission Beach on Pigeon Lake. I expect that I will see a fair amount of highway time this year.

As I re-read what I have written, I suspect that I will need significant will power to achieve these goals. Life will bring its disruptions as it has particularly in each of the past three years. Previously, I let those disruptions derail my motivation. Now I need to find out if I have the commitment to myself that I need to live a healthier life, despite any unplanned events.

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