Q1 2012 Goals Progress

The beginning of the quarter started with ambition and follow-through. Everything changed in the last weeks of February as my father’s health failed and he was admitted to the hospital. All work toward my goals was suspended at that time. My father died on March 1st and his passing continued the suspension, and I was further distracted by the intended renovation project for our lakeside home..

Get ‘married’ – I had intended to visit with my lawyer and work out what seems to be an impediment to progress on this goal – the determination of our personal wills in a manner that looks after either one of us should one perish and at the same time looks after our respective children should one or both of us perish. We have avoided working this out because neither of us knows what would be a fair solution. That was going to be finally addressed in the latter part of February but was also suspended at that time. In other words, no progress has been made toward this goal.

Complete the Renovations to our New Home – Following my father’s death, I spent much of March developing a strategy for completing the renovations on our lakeside home. We did manage to determine the way in which we will complete the renovation project. An initial attempt to work with a contractor failed when I had sticker shock on receipt of his quotation for the work. Family members came forward and offered to help with the renovation. As they had experience in the construction industry, we gladly welcomed their help and found that we could afford to complete most of the work we had wanted to do. Work began late March with an expected completion date of May 7th.

In March, we attended the Edmonton Boat Show and made decisions about boats and docks for the lake. We purchased a 12’6” inflatable boat with a 20 horsepower motor so we can use this both at the lake and on travels with our motor home. In addition, we surprised ourselves and purchased a 21’ pontoon boat with a 90 horse power engine. We also ordered 72’ of dock. By late May, we expect to have a completed home with the amenities that will allow us and our families to take advantage of the lake.

Travel – Dianne and I booked a berth for an Alaskan Cruise in May to attend the wedding of one of her brother’s son’s. This is a 7 day cruise with only three days on land but will be through beautiful straits and give us exposure to terrific views and some wildlife sightings.  We chose to cancel our planned summer motorhome  trip to the Yukon and possibly Alaska when we learned of the pregnancy of Dianne’s son and daughter-in-law, with an expected delivery at the end of July.

Continued Time with my Grandchild and Daughter – I continue to serve as one of my granddaughter’s nannies spending two or three days with her each week, going swimming, playing in indoor playgrounds, or walking the malls. I am thoroughly enjoying this. As a result, I have had regular contact with my daughter and continue to support her efforts to raise this child as a single mother.

Time with My Son and Daugher-in-Law – I did not get to spend time with either David or Kelly during this quarter. They were both extensively involved in their training for their next Olympic games.

Photography – I managed to take pictures on about 90% of the days in January and February, although little of what I shot has been processed and only a few images pleased me. My daily work with my camera also ended about February 20th. I find that I now forget to take my camera with me when travelling to and from the lake and seldom think of taking pictures with anything other than the camera on my iPhone 3.

Writing – I was doing very well with my progress on a book on selling, spending one to two hours each Tuesday and Thursday. I finished a first draft and started to re-read and make some changes to the first two chapters. However, I was unable to work on this project after March 8th because of preoccupations with the renovations and family concerns.




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Physical Well-Being – My goal of watching my eating portions worked in January but I did not stick with this habit in February and March so failed to achieve my weight goals for the months of this quarter. I continued to have relatively regular massages and found that I was better able to let go and relax by the end of a massage hour. I was not successful at being physically active with my only accomplishment being a 90 minute tai chi lesson once a week. My tension levels generally remain high.

Following a specialists directions to determine how much of my lung problems are asthma induced or simply the result of sinus drain, I began use of a nedipot to drain my sinuses twice a day. Never having heard of this treatment, it has been a real adventure. This amounts to pouring a saline solution into each nostril and is a messy procedure. I do find myself coughing less and generally having less congestion in my lungs so it appears to be helping.

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