Intimate Moments

This book is a memoir, a series of the author's reflections, a bit of fiction, a collection of prose poetry in the haibun writing style, and an invitation to your own self-reflection. Following general haiku principles of brevity and description, with a focus on being in the moment, paying attention to nature, and contemplating the human condition, this collection of haibun presents many of the author’s personal experiences, providing one person’s view of what being human can entail.

These haibun share private thoughts, feelings, awareness, and memories covering childhood, adolescence, adult aging, relationships, grief and loss, or simply reactions to what the author encounters in his every day world. Sometimes amusing, often touching, easy to read in bits at a time, or in longer sittings, the contents are entertaining.

Intended as a sharing of intimate moments with the reader, the author openly discloses his own personal reflections, hoping to induce similar reflection by the reader. Haibun, as a creative writing form, is explained and more than 150 haibun are presented. The contents offer a window into the author’s psyche in the particular writing form that is haibun.